Finding the perfect online marketplace for your products can sometimes be a challenge. With Jane, they help to take the stress out of the e-commerce world and provide you with a unique way to reach buyers online.

Insurance Canopy is proud to partner with Jane in offering top-rated product liability insurance to online sellers across the nation. Here are three benefits you can discover by becoming a seller on Jane.

an image of two friends having a good time together in fashional clothes. Fashion like this can be sold online through Jane and insured with product liability insurance for Jane sellers through Insurance Canopy

1. Get your products recognized

As a curated online marketplace, Jane helps connect your business with millions of monthly consumers. Jane gives a platform to over 2,000 USA based small businesses. Your products also have the chance to be featured alongside name-brand products, giving you the recognition you deserve.

2. Join an online community of sellers

Selling with Jane gives you exclusive access to the Sellers Community—a place where you can learn, network, and engage with other sellers. They also give you real-time updates and sales statistics allowing you to continually stay up-to-date with your market and work to increase your overall revenue.

3. Market to millions of customers

Jane caters to a wide variety of customers—over 2.5 million customers that is. You can find products geared toward women, men, kids, home, beauty, wellness, pets, and more. With 600+ new products each day, customers continually visit the site to see what’s new.

Sell Online Safely

Before you place your products in the hands of consumers, you want to be sure you are insured. Product liability insurance can help protect your product in transit and protect your business from paying for costly claims. Product liability claims can arise from instances of:

  • Bodily injury from a damaged or broken piece
  • Choking on small pieces in a product
  • Allergic reactions to ingredients or components
  • Property damage from an malfunctioning product

Safeguard your business with product liability insurance today, and expand your business ventures with Jane, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most—your customers.