Getting musicians insurance may not seem like a top priority for individual artists, but it's important to have coverage to protect you before you ever get up on stage. Without a general liability policy in place, you could be held financially responsible for lawsuits or could lose business from venues that require insurance.

Three Reasons to Carry Musicians Insurance

1 - Protection From Financial Loss

What if an audience member tripped on your microphone cord during your performance? Could you pay the medical costs for a broken ankle? What if you are accused of damaging the stage during your performance and sued by the venue owner? Could you afford the legal costs of defending yourself?

Our society is famous for being litigious. Unfortunately, even a single lawsuit could be financially ruinous for most musicians. This is why it's important to carry a policy that can cover most third party general liability claims.

2 - Build Your Business

In addition to protecting your business, having a general liability insurance policy offers musicians additional benefits that may not be immediately apparent.

First, venue owners such as clubs or wedding halls often require their vendors or performers to carry general liability insurance and to name them as an additional insured. With a musicians insurance policy from Insurance Canopy, you can add unlimited additional insureds for only $5.

Second, having this policy pegs you as a serious professional that people can be confident about hiring. You can advertise your services as an insured professional which could separate you from the competition.

Having musicians insurance could mean the difference between landing a gig or losing one. With a policy, you could be ready to be hired to perform at the last minute if needed. This gives you credibility in the eyes of hiring managers who can rest easy knowing that you are covered.

3 - Safeguard Your Equipment

As you transport your equipment from venue to venue, it is at risk for theft or loss. An annual musician insurance policy can provide coverage for your equipment whereas your homeowner's may not.

Most homeowners policies exclude any sort of business ventures, so when you file a claim you run the risk of having it denied. If by chance your homeowners policy does cover the equipment, then you also run the risk of having your homeowner premiums increased or cancelled altogether.

Note that this coverage, known as inland marine coverage, is not available on our 1-3 day musician event policy.

Buy Musicians Insurance Through Canopy

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*All insurance policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the policy for exact coverages.