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Art Vendor Insurance

Who Qualifies?

Artist Vendor Insurance is specifically designed to help artists get insured for events and shows across the United States. Insurance Canopy connects creative people to insurance solutions so they can focus on their craft and grow their business.

Don’t see yourself listed? Don’t worry, our agents may still be able to tailor a policy specific to your needs.

Understand And Meet Event Requirements
Navigating the many fairs, festivals, markets, and shows you attend can get complicated when they each have different booth and insurance requirements. Did you know most art events require you to carry Vendor Insurance? Renting a booth at one of these events means you’re handling products, running payments, and interacting with many people. Without the right coverage, like vendor liability insurance, you could be facing a preventable lawsuit.
Purchase And Get Proof Of Insurance In Minutes
Getting your business insured has become so much easier and convenient. If you meet the requirements, you can purchase your policy within a few minutes and access your customer portal where you can print out proof of insurance or submit claims at any time.
Easily Add Promoters Or Events To Your Policy
With this policy, you will be able to add event promoters or organizers as an Additional Insured (AI), which will offer them the same protection under your policy if the worst-case scenario happened. Many events will require you to do this and if it is not required it can provide added protection to your event organizer or promoter against lawsuits at no additional cost.

Questions About Art Vendor Insurance

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