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Landscaping Insurance

Access top-rated landscaping insurance policies by choosing your specialty below. Professional and general liability coverage options are available from carriers rated “A” or higher.




Affordable Insurance for Landscaping Professionals

Landscaping Insurance can protect your business from financial losses that come from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property damage caused by your business operations. Insurance Canopy helps landscaping professionals identify the unique risks associated with their landscaping business and provides them with affordable liability insurance options according to their needs. Check out the following Landscaping Insurance policies for pricing, coverage options, and accessibility.


Direct 24/7 access to online, no-hassle applications where you can purchase professional and general liability insurance coverage.


Get instant quotes from “A+ rated” companies, compare policies side by side, and select the one that best fits your needs.

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Our insurance team understands what coverage your landscaping business needs. 

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Lawn Care

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With a completely online quote process, obtaining insurance for your lawn care business has never been easier.

Gutter Cleaning

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Any maintenance comes with a wide variety of risks, so take that extra step and insure your business with Insurance Canopy today. We can help protect your business from the hefty costs of claims.

Shrubbery/Hedge Trimming & Removal


In only 10 minutes or less, you can protect your business from the sometimes crippling cost of claims. The list of claims can be as unruly as an untrimmed hedge, so why not give your business that extra layer of protection?

Christmas Lighting


We can help extend your insurance protection up to 2 stories or less. With the risks of damaging personal property and professional errors and omissions, check the list twice and make sure your business is protected.

Yard Cleanup & Leaf Raking


Perform your job without the financial worry of claims. With possible claims of property damage and professional errors and omissions, it is important to protect your business. 

Pest Control & Fertilizer


We offer a fast, affordable, and reliable fix to all your business insurance needs. Just like you take care of your customer’s lawn, we take care of your business with our general liability and various policies.