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Benefits of Insurance Canopy’s Insurance for Nutritionists

Protecting your business and finances should be at the top of your list. Insurance Canopy offers affordable nutritionist liability insurance from top-rated carriers designed specifically to meet your unique nutritionist business needs.

With our occurrence form coverage, you can file a claim for accidents occurring during your policy period — even after it ends. This lifetime protection means you’re covered for injuries or damages that may have lasting effects.*

Professional and General Liability Coverage

As a nutritionist, you need an insurance policy that offers you both general liability and professional liability insurance protection for your business so you’re not left to deal with lawsuits that may arise on your own.

Flexible Payment Plans

Select either an annual payment or a monthly payment option, depending on what works best for your business needs.

Experience You Can Trust

You deserve coverage from experienced professionals who understand your industry. Our team has over a decade in the insurance world and can help answer any questions you may have while you’re applying for coverage.
Contact us today for help with customizing your policy, filing a claim, and more.

What Is Nutritionist Insurance?

Nutritionist insurance is a smart protection plan that safeguards your work as a nutritionist. It’s designed to protect you from risks that can take a costly toll on your business.

It can cover claims from a client alleging your meal plan caused them an allergic reaction to a client slipping off of your scale at an appointment and breaking their wrist.

At Insurance Canopy, we make it easy for you to protect the hard work you’ve put into your career with comprehensive nutritionist insurance coverage. 

By insuring your nutritionist business, you can confidently do what you do best — promoting wellness through education and helping individuals achieve their nutrition goals — without worrying about everyday risks.

How Much Does Nutritionist Insurance Cost?

Our nutritionist insurance coverage starts at $234 a year, or $21.25 a month. For as little as 56 cents a day, you can protect your business with General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.

Invest in your business and get peace of mind knowing you’re covered from costly claims arising from accidents, malpractice, or property damage.

To safeguard your nutritionist business further, you can add optional coverages like Gear and Equipment Coverage, Cyber Liability Coverage, or Additional Insureds. Insurance Canopy enables you to create your ideal insurance policy, so you can work with confidence.

With our fair pricing and customizable coverage, you pay for what you want — and nothing more! During checkout, simply say “yes” to Diet & Nutrition coverage to add it to the base policy and you’ll be all set.

What Coverage Do I Need As a Nutritionist?

As a practicing nutritionist, you should carry both general and professional liability to protect your business from risks. Both are included in our base nutritionist insurance policy.

General liability insurance can cover risks like damage to rented property, accidents that cause client injury, or even problems due to advertising mistakes.

Professional liability insurance, or “errors and omissions,” helps cover you if a client claims your professional services or advice harmed them.

Other Coverages to Consider

  • Diet and nutrition endorsement for additional services you might offer, such as creating meal plans and diet guidelines for clients, or recommending supplements
  • Gear and equipment (aka inland marine) protection which can help cover your work laptop, scales, and other supplies if they’re stolen or damaged
  • Cyber liability coverage to help cover the costs if your clients’ data is stolen or if you fall victim to a scam

You may also need to add additional insureds to your policy if you rent office space or work at a fitness or medical center. With nutritionist insurance coverage from Insurance Canopy, you can do this right through your online dashboard at checkout, or any time afterward.

Insurance Canopy’s top-rated coverage enables you to work confidently and focus on your clients’ needs.

Note: Our dietitian insurance policy is an add-on to our fitness instructor policy that provides coverage to dietitians and nutritionists offering diet guidelines, meal plans, or the sale/recommendation of supplements. It is offered as a policy package starting at $234/year.

Coverage Details

General & Professional Liability Limits

The most your policy can pay annually for bodily injury and property damage claims occurring during your coverage as a result of your business operations or professional services. For example, someone slips in your studio or is injured during a workout you were leading.


The maximum amount your policy will pay annually for claims of bodily injury or property damage due to an incident that occurred with a product during or after your class, such as a faulty piece of equipment injuring a client.


The amount your policy will pay for claims arising out of one or more of the following offenses:
– False Arrest, detention or imprisonment
– Malicious prosecution
– Wrongful Eviction or Wrongful Entry
– Oral or written publications that slander or libels a person or organization
– Oral or written publication or material that violates a person’s right of privacy
– The use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement


The maximum the insurance carrier will pay for a bodily injury or property damage claim that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.


Applies to damage by fire to premises rented to the insured and to damage regardless of cause to premises (including contents) occupied by the insured for 7 days or less.


A no-fault medical policy that allows you to cover medical or funeral expenses for an individual up to the issued limit without deducting from the general liability aggregate limit. The injury or death must be as a result of a bodily injury caused by business operations.


The amount we deduct from a claim before paying up to your policy limits.


Optional Add-ons

Also known as “inland marine,” it covers property that is movable or transportable in nature (e.g. supplies, equipment, or inventory) but excludes coverage for structures and items that are a permanent part of the structure. There are multiple tiers of coverage to choose from, starting at $1.33/month with a $100 deductible per claim.
$2,000 – $10,000

The maximum amount paid out in the case of a cyber attack on your business. Because this coverage is not automatically included in the standard General Liability Policy, you will need to opt into this coverage. See the application for additional coverage details for Cyber Liability Insurance.


Coverage for additional services you offer clients, such as diet guidelines, meal plans, or the sale/recommendation of health supplements. These services are not covered by professional liability and require Diet & Nutrition Coverage.

Included when added

Coverage for a third party, such as a business, property owner, event organizer, or employer. It cannot be used for employees, friends or family, other trainers, yourself, or other businesses you may own.


Coverage for multiple third parties, such as a business, property owner, event organizer, or employer. It cannot be used for employees, friends or family, other trainers, yourself, or other businesses you may own.


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Questions About Nutritionist Insurance

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Protect Your Business With Nutritionist Insurance

Nutritionist Insurance from Insurance Canopy offers you top-rated Professional Liability and General Liability Coverage so you can focus on helping your clients achieve their wellness goals.

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*All customers who purchased a policy before 7/1/2024 will have a policy issued through Great American Insurance. This policy does not include occurrence form coverage and will be eligible to receive it after 7/1/2025.