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Apparel Info

Do you sell apparel through your shop? Jane’s apparel sellers can have their products insured with Product Liability Insurance when selling online.

Beauty & Cosmetics Info

Beauty and Cosmetics can pose a threat to consumers when they aren’t produced or labeled correctly. Protect yourself against liability with a policy from Insurance Canopy.

Handcrafted Goods Info

Are you creating handcrafted goods, jewelry, or apparel to sell to the public? If your products are at least 80% handmade, you may qualify for Artist and Crafters Insurance which includes both general and product liability insurance coverage and can be purchased online within minutes.

Jewelry Info

Insurance Canopy offers jewelry sellers product liability insurance to protect against bodily injury (like allergic reactions) or property damage for their online products. Be sure to check out the “Handcrafted Goods” section if your jewelry is 80% handmade, you may qualify for an Artist and Crafters Insurance policy.

Decor Info

Running a business that designs, creates, or sells home decor means you need product liability insurance. Protect your business with the right coverages.

Selling Other Products

Do you sell pet toys, tech, or wellness-type products? Maybe it’s something else entirely; you’ll likely need product liability insurance.

Not sure if your product fits within one of the listed categories? Don’t worry, our experienced agents may still be able to tailor a policy specific to your needs.
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Product Liability Insurance

With general and product liability insurance, our policies cover most exposures associated with selling your products on Jane. For instance, if your apparel, jewelry, or other product causes injury or property damage like an allergic reaction, chemical burn, or other physical injury. Insurance Canopy provides affordable, A+ rated product liability insurance to sellers and we provide coverage at affordable prices so you can have peace of mind and continue to build your business.

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Beauty Products Insurance

We offer specially-tailored Beauty Products Insurance for those creating and selling beauty products on Jane. Reach new business corners and grow your business safely with Insurance Canopy and join the hundreds of other businesses who have gotten insured. Dealing with a liability claim is the last thing you want to do on your own. Get insured today.

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Artist and Crafters Insurance

Are you selling crafted goods that are at least 80% handmade? If so, you qualify for an insurance policy which provides product liability and general liability insurance for handcrafted products. Plus, if you qualify you can purchase a policy online within minutes and have 24/7 access to insurance documents like proof of insurance.

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Consider Other Coverages to Protect Your Business

Do you have multiple employees? Do you take payments online or store payment or customer data? Do you need coverage for your business products in transit (whether on land or water)? Or do you need higher limits for your current policies? If you answered yes to any of these questions you could face other risks that other insurance policies could provide additional protection like Worker’s Compensation, Cyber Liability Insurance, Inland Marine, or Excess Liability policies. Insurance Canopy’s experienced, licensed agents can help you assess the right coverages for your business.

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