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Protect Your Cleaning, Maid, and Housekeeper Business

Cleaning business, maid, and housekeeper insurance protects cleaning service contractors against lawsuits and property damages specific to the housekeeping and cleaning industry. These claims could include things like:

  • Spills of corrosive cleaning agents that cause stains
  • Damage to a client's home or possessions
  • A client slips and falls on a floor that's still wet from mopping

Don’t let an accident wipe your financial resources away. Pick your cleaning business, maid, and housekeeper insurance coverage with Canopy.

Why You Should Carry Cleaning Business, Maid, and Housekeeper Insurance

  • While most states don't require you to have a trade license, professional cleaners, maids, and housekeepers are generally licensed and bonded to instill confidence in their clients. Additionally, some locations require you to carry some liability insurance before issuing a license.
  • Property owners may require you to show a proof of insurance or bond before hiring you.
  • Liability insurance gives you a layer of defense against claims such as those for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Financial peace of mind.
  • If you use your own equipment, or transport equipment to multiple locations, you will want to protect your equipment against theft, damage, or loss with additional equipment insurance.
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Affordable Insurance For Cleaning Professionals

Cleaning business insurance can protect your company from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property claims. We can assess the specific risks associated with your type of cleaning business and match your liability insurance coverage to your needs. Check out these cleaning business insurance policies for pricing, coverage options, and accessibility.

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