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Liquor Liability Insurance with Insurance Canopy

If your business sells, serves, or furnishes alcohol, you may be required by your state’s dram shop law to have liquor liability insurance. According to dram shop law, if a patron you served alcohol to goes on to cause an accident, you could be liable to cover hefty expenses. A single claim can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in court expenses, legal fees, medical bills, and more. With liquor liability insurance, you can mitigate or even eliminate out-of-pocket costs from claims.

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Questions About Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance is an insurance designed to protect businesses from the risks associated with serving and furnishing alcohol. According to dram show law, your business could be held liable for accidents caused by individuals you served alcohol to, especially minors and visibly intoxicated persons. In the event of an accident, your business could face claims up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Liquor liability insurance can mitigate the out-of-pocket costs you may be required to pay if faced with a liquor liability claim, allowing you to continue running your business with peace of mind.

According to your state’s dram shop law, you may be legally required to have liquor liability insurance. Even if your state does not require alcohol-serving businesses to have insurance, there are still a lot of benefits to getting covered. For example, if an accident were to occur involving your business, like a customer falls and injures themselves or causes property damage, you could be held liable to pay hefty expenses.

Insurance Canopy’s Liquor Liability Insurance is designed to help reduce the cost of insurance claims that would otherwise financially devastate your business.

The cost of liquor liability insurance varies by state. For policies including both general and liquor liability insurance, starting rates for your state may be as low as $399 a year or $33 a month depending on your billing preferences.

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Yes. In many states, businesses whose services include serving or furnishing alcohol, are required by law to have liquor liability insurance. However, even if your state does not require you to purchase insurance, you still need to protect your business. Businesses that serve alcohol face a unique set of risks that can cost you thousands of dollars in fees, bills, and other expenses if your business were ever involved in an accident.

Liquor liability insurance is designed to protect your business from the risks associated with your industry, meaning it can reduce the out-of-pocket cost you may be required to pay should an accident occur.

Insurance Canopy’s Liquor Liability Insurance plan consists of both general and liquor liability coverage. For as low as $33 a month, you can protect your business with up to $2 million in coverage for general liability and up to $300K in liquor liability coverage. Extra coverage options are also available according to your business needs, including increased limits for general and liquor liability as well as assault & battery coverage and cyber liability insurance.

Insurance Canopy provides business owners with high-quality, comprehensive liquor liability insurance at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank. With general and liquor liability coverage, Insurance Canopy covers the risks associated with running an alcohol-serving business.

Getting started with Insurance Canopy is also easy, taking less than ten minutes to complete your application. More than anything, with Insurance Canopy you can create a financial safety net to protect your business and gain peace of mind that comes from having the protection you need.

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