Customized Small Business Insurance Products

Your business comes with unique exposures. Are you protected by a small business insurance policy that is tailored to your business's operations?

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Affordable Customized Small Business Insurance

From product liability insurance to property insurance, and from beauty insurance to vitamin and supplement insurance, let our experienced agents create a policy to reduce your business's risk exposure and give you peace of mind.

Can’t find your industry? Contact us or call for assistance at 844.520.6993.

About Us

Insurance Canopy is a retail insurance agency built around a team with over twenty years of experience in the insurance industry. We work closely with insurance companies and specialty markets to deliver customized small business insurance quotes for our clients. Because of our relationship with these markets, our quote-to-coverage process is fast and simple. We understand every business is unique and can work closely to meet your needs.

Thank you for considering us for your insurance needs. We look forward to working with you.

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