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Affordable Event Insurance For Vendors

Vendor insurance protects your business from lawsuits, accidents, product liability, and third-party property damage.

With Insurance Canopy, independent vendors and small business owners can quickly assess the specific risks associated with their type of business and match their liability insurance coverage to their needs. 

Artist Insurance

Artist, Crafters, & Tradesmen — Event and annual insurance for artists like jewelry makers, painters, sculptors, and crafters who sell their goods at art shows, exhibits, or online.


Food Liability Insurance Program — General liability protection for food trailers, concession stands, food vendors, bakers, chefs, mobile bartenders, and caterers.


Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild — Artisans who make handmade soap and cosmetics can join HSCG and purchase insurance specially crafted for them.

Liquor Liability

If your event or vendors serve alcoholic beverages, you will need liquor liability insurance. Event and annual policies are available.

DJs KJs & VJs

Event and annual policies are available for general liability. Optional equipment coverage is available for annual policy holders.

Entertainers & Performers

General liability insurance for singers, musicians, balloon artists, clowns, Santa Claus actors, and more! Short-term event insurance available.


Bath & Bodywork Insurance — Professional and student policies for body art with general and professional liability available.

Trade-shows, Swap Meets, Conventions & More

Annual & Show policies for events, fairs, festivals, markets, and more. Register your event at ACT Insurance.

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Our online applications let you purchases general and product liability insurance coverage, with optional professional liability coverage, whenever you need it.

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With FLIP, ACT, and Insurance Canopy’s Art Vendor Insurance, you won’t need to wait for a quote. Simply purchase coverage online and print your documents immediately after payment.
Enjoy Peace Of Mind

We’re here to help you find the policy you need and get going to your next event. Enjoy peace of mind with coverage from top-rated plans and access to our team of friendly professionals.

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