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Protect Your Family Style or Casual Restaurant

Restaurant insurance protects family style or casual restaurants against lawsuits, property damages, and other risks specific to restaurants such as:

– Equipment malfunction
– Third party general liability claims and lawsuits
– Loss of inventory or food spoilage

Lawsuits or other mishaps could leave you holding the bill. Choose the best family style or casual restaurant insurance coverage today with Canopy.

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Don’t let a lawsuit or other mishap drain your financial resources. Choose Insurance Canopy to help you develop a comprehensive program for your restaurant group.

Questions About Family Style Restaurant Insurance

  • Liability insurance gives you a layer of defense against claims such as bodily injury claims or property claims
  • Financial peace of mind
  • Equipment Insurance can protect your business against financial loss in the instance of stolen or damaged equipment
  • Can help alleviate financial losses for your business if your food or products were to make a customer ill
  • Liquor liability insurance can help cover your business against claims due to your service, sale, or production of alcoholic beverages
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Don’t let a lawsuit or other mishap drain your financial resources. Choose the best restaurant franchise insurance coverage today with Canopy.

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