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Restaurant insurance protects your business from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property damage. With Canopy, restaurant owners and small food business owners can assess the specific risks associated with their type of business and match their liability insurance coverage to their needs. Check out these restaurant insurance policies for coverage options, and accessibility.

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Questions About Pet Business Insurance

Insurance Canopy offers general liability insurance with the option to add needed endorsements and additional insureds. You also have the flexibility to purchase your policy annually or monthly at affordable rates. You can purchase online in 10 minutes or less and chat with an agent about any questions you may have. We make it easy for you to sign up through Facebook or Google and also offer the option to set up an account with your email address.

Yes. You set the effective date of your policy when you are purchasing your policy. Coverage begins as soon as your purchase is completed, and you also get a badge for proof of insurance.

Yes. You may cancel your policy at any time, but there is no money back guarantee on months that you have already paid for.

The Animal Bailee and Veterinary Expense Reimbursement work hand in hand. If the claim involves an accident, injury or sickness to one of the animals in your care, custody, or control, then the first coverage to respond will be the Vet Reimbursement. This means you will be insured up to $1,000 for this incident and there will be a $250 deductible.

If the cost of the claim exceeds the $1,000 per occurrence limit, then the Animal Bailee coverage will kick in. This would insure you up to $5,000 more for the incident, unless you’ve already paid to increase this limit to either the $10,000 or $15,000 per occurrence.

Whatever ends up getting paid out for the incident will be deducted from the aggregate limits on your policy.

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