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Restaurant insurance protects your business from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property damage. With Insurance Canopy, restaurant owners and small food business owners can assess the specific risks associated with their type of business and match their liability insurance coverage to their needs. Check out these restaurant insurance policies for coverage options, and accessibility.

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Questions About Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance is a liability insurance plan designed to protect restaurants from the cost of liability claims. It provides up to $2 million in coverage for general and product liability as well as $10k in tools and equipment coverage to protect restaurants from the majority of claims they might face. For restaurants that need more coverage, Insurance Canopy also provides increased limits and additional policy options, like cyber liability insurance, according to their needs.

As businesses in the food industry, restaurants have a unique set of liability risks, from trip and fall accidents and business property damage to customers getting sick from the food you serve. Just one liability claim can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Without liability insurance, your business may be required to pay for claims out of pocket. Liability insurance can mitigate or sometimes eliminate the cost your restaurant may be required to pay for claims.

The starting rate for restaurant insurance is $299 a year. For that cost, you can protect your restaurant with up to $2 million in coverage for general and product liability as well as $10k in tools and equipment coverage. Additional policy options and increased limits are also available at extra cost for those restaurants that require more coverage.

Insurance Canopy’s base restaurant insurance policy does not cover restaurants that serve, sell, or furnish alcohol. Insurance Canopy does provide liquor liability insurance that can be added to your policy. If your restaurant serves, sells, or furnishes alcohol, you will need this important coverage to protect your business from the cost of alcohol-related accidents.

Follow the link below to learn about liquor liability insurance and how to add it to your restaurant insurance policy today

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