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Canopy and Host Liquor Liability Insurance

We offer "A+ Rated" general liability insurance including host liquor coverage for those who are not in the business of selling, servicing, or manufacturing alcoholic beverages. Our low-cost general liability insurance covers the service of alcoholic beverages during events such as weddings, parties, or corporate trade shows. We provide the protection you need at affordable prices so you can relax and enjoy the occasion.


What Is Host Liquor Liability Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance is critical. You can't afford gaps in your coverage that could leave you financially vulnerable.

What Is Host Liquor Liability Insurance?

Most states hold party hosts who offer alcohol to their guests responsible for their guests' actions. Host liquor liability insurance may cover the legal fees, settlements, and medical costs that you may face due to your service of alcohol up to the limits of your policy. If you are held responsible for damages stemming from a lawsuit, your policy may even cover the costs of expenses.

Host liquor liability insurance does not cover you if you are in the business of selling, manufacturing, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages.

If you sell alcohol through an event, or as a caterer or bartender, you may qualify for liquor liability coverage from our recommended provider here. Hosts who hire caterers or bartenders to serve alcohol at their event should require them to carry a liquor liability policy and add them as an additional insured.

Of course, there are some limitations which may disqualify you for a host liquor liability policy through Canopy. However, if you give us a call, we can help you get a quote for coverage. Contact us at 844-520-6993 or by emailing us at

Do I Need Host Liquor Liability Insurance?

Yes. As a party or event host, you could be held responsible for your guest's actions if you serve alcohol.

This includes:

  • BBQs
  • Anniversary, birthday, baby showers, or any other milestone celebrations
  • Company or corporate events
  • Luncheons or dinners

Anyone who suffers bodily injury or property damage by an intoxicated person has the right to sue the person who provided the alcohol. Host liquor liability lawsuits and expenses are substantial and could include criminal charges. Costs sometimes reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you are not found negligent, court costs to defend yourself can be expensive.

Your liability may depend upon your state's social host liability laws. In some states, social host liability laws are similar to the state's dram shop laws. In other states, there are no specific social host liability laws; however, those states don't stop you from being sued by the injured person. For this reason, carrying general liability insurance with host liquor coverage is a wise choice, even if it’s not explicitly required of you.

Eighteen states have social host liability laws and nine states have social host laws specific to minors.

How Much does Host Liquor Liability Insurance Cost?

Canopy offers a 1–3 day event host liquor liability insurance policy starting at $159.

Your effective dates of the policy must include the set-up and tear down of the event and is included in the base premium. If set-up and tear down exceeds 5 days, an additional cost of up to $500 may be charged.

Up to five additional insureds are included in the base premium. Each additional insured beyond five can be added for $25.

Need additional information before making a decision? Give our team a call today at 844.520.6993.

Need additional information before making a decision?
Give our team a call today at 844.520.6993


Insurance Coverage Details

General Liability + Host Liquor Limits
General + Host Liquor Aggregate Limit $2,000,000
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Limit $ 1,000,000
Each Occurrence Limit $ 1,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to You $300,000
Medical Expense Limit (Any One Person) $5,000
Deductible $0

Excluded Operations

  • Any event or show that runs past 2 a.m.
  • Any event or show at an exotic/adult venue or with exotic/adult dancers present
  • Events or shows promoted as trance type music shows
  • Fireworks or pyrotechnics of any kind
  • Events or shows taking place at secret venues
  • Raves or rave-like events or shows
  • Squat parties
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Host Liquor Liability Insurance is Perfect For:

  • Anniversary parties
  • Award presentations
  • Baby shower
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthday parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Corporate events
  • Funeral service
  • Holiday events and parties
  • Luncheons
  • Quinceanera
  • Retirement parties
  • Reunions - Indoors
  • Wedding and wedding receptions
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