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What Is Pilates Teacher Insurance?

Pilates instructor insurance is coverage designed to protect you while you teach Pilates or run your own Pilates business. It’s a type of liability insurance that may help you pay for accidents caused by you or your business. 

If something happens while you’re working, you could have help covering the cost of medical bills, repairs, and legal fees. Pilates insurance can provide financial support for claims of student injuries, property damage, or stolen gear.

Insurance Canopy helps cover instructors who teach most styles and levels of Pilates. We can also cover instructors who work in studios, gyms, health clubs, out of their homes, at retreats or events, online, and more.

Our insurance includes nationwide* coverage, so you’re covered if you teach in more than one place!

How Much Does Insurance for Pilates Instructors Cost?

We offer Pilates teacher insurance for as low as $12.50/month or $129/year.

Full-time, part-time, and student Pilates instructors can all purchase a policy for the same low rate. Plus, you can customize a policy to fit your unique needs by adding additional coverage in just a few clicks!

What Insurance Do I Need to Teach Pilates?

Wherever and however you teach, all Pilates teachers should have general and professional liability insurance. This helps you cover the most common insurance claims and stay eligible to teach.

We combine these coverages and more into one base plan so you can more easily and quickly get the insurance protection you need.

Additional Coverage Options

You also may need insurance to cover your gear, any work you do online, or dietary advice you may offer clients. We offer these optional additional coverages that you can add to your policy online at any time:

  • Gear & Equipment Coverage ($1.33/month): This coverage insures items you use for teaching and running your business, like mats, rollers, magic circles, or a laptop.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance ($8.25/month): If you take online payments, teach virtual classes, or store client records on a computer, this coverage helps you recover from a cyber attack on your business.
  • Diet & Nutrition Coverage ($6.25/month): This helps cover any diet or nutrition-related services you offer, like creating custom meal plans or offering diet advice to students.

Why Insurance Canopy Has the Best Pilates Instructor Insurance

Insurance Canopy offers affordable A+ rated Pilates instructor liability insurance to more than 10,000 Pilates and fitness instructors. With a 4.8/5 star rating, we’re proud to have quality coverage and customer service you can count on. 

Customizable Coverage

Personalize your policy to your individual needs in 10 minutes or less with our online application. Manage your coverage and access your Certificate of Insurance online anytime.

Flexible Payments

Choose between monthly or yearly payments for your policy. You can even save an additional 14% by switching to annual!

Industry Approved

Meet or exceed insurance requirements wherever you choose to teach. Insurance Canopy is a trusted and preferred provider of fitness instructor insurance for many different types of fitness professionals nationwide.*

Top-Quality Liability Insurance for Pilates Instructors

No matter if you teach in a studio, online, or in one-on-one sessions, you need Pilates insurance coverage you can depend on. Purchase your Insurance Canopy policy online today!

Questions About Pilates Instructor Insurance

Choosing the right insurance is critical.
You can’t afford gaps in your coverage that could put you out of business.
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Get A Free Pilates Waiver!

Insurance Canopy + Pilates Waiver = Stronger Protection

When combined with insurance, waivers can help you protect yourself from claims. Download a free pilates waiver and get a policy with Insurance Canopy today.
NOTE: A waiver does NOT act in place of insurance or guarantee legal protection.
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*Not currently available in Missouri.