Lawn Care Insurance

Any lawn care business takes pride in their skill. But to ensure the best service, lawn care companies need to be protected. Buying lawn care insurance is an affordable, convenient way to mitigate equipment repair costs, protect clients' property, and your business.

Who Needs Lawn Care Insurance?

If you simply mow lawns on weekends for neighbors, you likely don’t need to worry about insurance, but if you plan to grow your operation into a large and legitimate business, you should consider insurance coverage. Any business that operates as an entity, including paying taxes or registering with the state, needs to have the full slate of possible insurance coverage. With more than 1 million people in the industry having insurance sets you apart from the competition.

Along with coverage for basic lawn care businesses, we also ensure businesses involved in gutter cleaning, shrubbery and hedge trimming removal, Christmas light installation, leak raking or cleanup, and pest control or fertilization.

Lawn Equipment Insurance

One of your biggest investments in your lawn care business will be the equipment you use every day. From lawn mowers to hedgers to leaf blowers, these tools can be expensive and require specific maintenance, all to ensure the best experience for your customers. But if these items are damaged or stolen, you could be out large amounts of money or left unable to work. Insurance for lawn care equipment can be added to any property, ensuring that your equipment can be replaced and repaired so that you can get back to work quickly.

How Much Does Lawn Care Insurance Cost?

The starting price for Lawn Care Insurance can be as low as $336 for one year of coverage or $28 per month. For that price, lawn care businesses can protect themselves with up to $1 million in general liability coverage should an accident occur.

Additional coverage options are also available and can be included in a Lawn Care Insurance plan according to business’ needs, like cyber liability. The prices of these additional coverage options are available on the Lawn Care Insurance application.

How to Get Lawn Care Business Insurance

The process of getting insurance doesn’t have to be difficult – we’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps: 

  1. Log in or create an account on Insurance Canopy
  2. Click “Add a policy”
  3. Select “Lawn Care Policy”
  4. Select the coverages you wish to include in your policy
  5. Purchase your policy and enjoy instantaneous protection for your lawn care business

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and an agent will help you get started!

What Coverage Do I Need?

All lawn care businesses should have at least general liability insurance in place to protect against common claims, especially when you are on a client’s property. Equipment coverage is also important if you own your own equipment. Depending on your needs, you can further customize your lawn care insurance policy through Insurance Canopy.

Types of Coverage:

Property damage and third-party bodily injury claims are some of the most common in the lawn care industry. General liability policies cover all of these scenarios and more.

Some locations or venues may require you to list them as an additional insured on your insurance policy. Insurance Canopy allows unlimited additional insureds at no extra cost.

We understand that you have unique business needs, that is why we offer multiple coverage options, including additional general liability coverage, cyber liability coverage, and more.

Your equipment is the heart of your business and can often include a hefty price tag when damaged. We can help with the cost through Equipment Coverage. With general liability limits of $2M, you can feel confident that your business is protected.

Why Choose Canopy Lawn Care Insurance?

A+ Rated
Our policies offer two types of payment plans for your convenience while you rake in the savings with a combined general and professional liability policy. Payment plans start at $28/ month and $336/ year.


Rated by AM Best. Mow easy knowing your business is backed by top-rated protection.


Enjoy 24/7 access to your account and policy documents from your online portal.

Questions About Lawn Care Insurance

Lawn Care Insurance is liability insurance specifically designed to financially protect a lawn care business in the event that it faces a third-party liability claim as a result of its business operations.

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Lawn care businesses face a unique set of risks every day. As a lawn care business owner, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of injury or property damage at a job site. In the event of a lawsuit, attorney’s fees and judgement costs can financially cripple or derail a business. Lawn Care Insurance can protect a lawn care business if something ever goes wrong.

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Equipment coverage can protect you from the cost of replacing or repairing equipment that is damaged or stolen. When filing a claim for stolen equipment, you must be able to show proof of theft.

Without your equipment, it can be difficult to run your business efficiently. By adding equipment coverage to your policy, you can have peace of mind as you run your business. Without the worry of paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacements, your business can thrive.

Once you have purchased an insurance policy from Insurance Canopy, you immediately receive your Certificate of Insurance. It will be available to access within your customer portal so that you can present it to clients right away. 

Lawn care insurance is liability insurance designed to financially protect a lawn care business. Coverage can address damage to a client’s property or any other third-party liability claims that result from business operations. While it is rare that a lawn care business is sued, insurance will also help cover any costs related to these suits and their damages. 

Coverage may include equipment, locations, and venues that the business owns and chooses to cover as well.

Specific lawn care equipment insurance can be purchased to protect against the cost of replacement or repairs to your lawn care equipment. Many of the pieces of equipment lawn care businesses use each day are expensive and if they are not usable, business cannot continue as usual. Lawn care equipment coverage ensures you are able to recover from damage done to equipment on the job, as well as instances where your equipment is stolen and needs to be replaced immediately. A lawn care equipment policy will handle costs so that you can get back to business quickly.

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