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Comprehensive Small Business Insurance for Lactation Consultants

Protect your consulting business effortlessly and affordably with Insurance Canopy. It’s lactation consultant insurance made simple!

Do Lactation Consultants Need Insurance?

Lactation consultants offer essential support to new moms and babies, guiding them through breastfeeding and addressing any related issues. Yet, there’s always a chance of things going south during consultations. Lactation consultant insurance steps in to shield you from any blame if something goes wrong, like providing incorrect advice that could harm the mother or baby. It’s not just about protection—insurance for lactation consultants also helps with financial support in case legal issues arise from client claims.

Having insurance is a must for lactation consultants, ensuring that you can keep offering your services while keeping potential risks in check.

How Much Does Lactation Consultants Insurance Cost?

Our lactation consultant insurance policy starts at $229 a year or $21.08 a month. The cost can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Your business’s gross income
  • Selected coverages
  • Coverage limits

To learn more about customizing your lactation consultant insurance, you can review the information provided here.

The Ideal Coverage for Lactation Consultants

Our specialized insurance solutions ensure every aspect of your lactation consulting practice is covered with precision and care.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance safeguards you from the financial strain of third-party bodily injury and property damage claims in your lactation consulting practice.

Real-life situations could include a client tripping over your equipment or damage occurring to their property during a consultation. Given the potential costs, it’s crucial to take precautions in your lactation consulting business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions, for lactation consultants, protects you from the cost of claims that stem from your business operations. Common scenarios for lactation consultants may involve a client taking legal action due to false advertising, misinformation, or faulty professional advice.

Need More Coverage?

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance can provide protection from cyber security attacks and cyber security breaches. If you store any client information online on a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop, we highly recommend this insurance.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Tools and equipment insurance is a form of inland marine insurance that covers goods transported on land. This extends essential protection to your lactation consulting equipment. Common claims may involve damage to your equipment during storage flooding, and this insurance ensures coverage for repair or replacement in such instances.

 Additional Insureds

Adding additional insureds to your policy extends protection to rented and other locations where you provide lactation consulting services. This safeguards against the costs of accidents caused by you or your clientele. It’s common practice to include property owners and event organizers as additional insureds, and this can be seamlessly accommodated in your policy.

Coverage Details

General & Professional Liability Limits

The most your policy will pay in a 12 month policy period for bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.


The maximum amount your policy will pay in a 12-month period for bodily injury and property damage claims that result from the products you use to perform your services. However, it does not cover products that are manufactured, sold, or distributed.


The amount that your policy will pay for claims arising out of one or more of the following offenses:
– False Arrest, detention or imprisonment
– Malicious prosecution
– Wrongful Eviction or Wrongful Entry
– Oral or written publications that slander or libels a person or organization
– Oral or written publication or material that violates a person’s right of privacy
– The use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement


The maximum the insurance carrier will pay for a bodily injury or property damage claim that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.


The most we will pay for property damage to any one premises, while rented to you, or in the case of damage by fire, while rented to you or temporarily occupied by you with permission of the owner.


Medical Expense (Any one person)


Additional Limits

Inland marine insurance covers tangible property that is movable or transportable in nature (e.g. supplies, equipment, or inventory) but excludes coverage for structures and items that are part of the structure. Note: a $250 deductible applies to this coverage.


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FAQs About Lactation Consultant Insurance

Lactation consultant insurance offers financial protection for potential risks in your lactation consulting practice, covering third-party claims, property damage, and professional errors.

While not legally mandated, having insurance coverage is highly recommended. Insurance for lactation consultants provides crucial financial protection, ensuring you can navigate challenges without risking your practice.

Fill out our online lactation consultant insurance application in 10 minutes or less for quick and efficient coverage! Secure insurance for your lactation consulting business promptly, ensuring immediate protection. For any questions, feel free to contact us. Our licensed insurance agents are always ready to help.

Yes, our insurance often includes legal expense coverage. This ensures financial support for legal costs if action is taken against your practice, easing stress during such situations.

The potential liabilities of a lactation consultant vary based on circumstances and practice scope. One potential issue is a malpractice claim, where the consultant may be held accountable for harm resulting from their advice or treatment. Another concern is general liability, like a slip and fall in the consultant’s office or during a home visit. Risks also exist regarding client information confidentiality. 

To safeguard against these, lactation consultants typically have professional liability (errors and omissions) and general liability insurance. These cover legal expenses, settlements, or judgments in case of a claim or lawsuit.

An additional insured in the context of lactation consulting could be a venue owner, property manager, or event organizer requiring you to extend your insurance coverage to them. 

This might include an event organizer for a lactation consultant workshop or conference where you’re providing services. Adding them as an additional insured is a free and straightforward process through your user dashboard whenever the need arises.

Absolutely. Our flexible insurance plans allow you to tailor coverage as your practice evolves, accommodating changes like service expansion or hiring staff.

While coverage varies, common exclusions may include intentional wrongdoing, criminal acts, and contractual disputes. Reviewing your policy and consulting with our agents ensures a clear understanding of any exclusions.

In the event of a claim, our dedicated claims team is here to assist you. The process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, allowing you to focus on your work while we handle the necessary steps to resolve the claim promptly. For more detailed information, check out this blog on how to file an insurance claim.

Choosing the right insurance is critical.
You can’t afford gaps in your coverage that could put you out of business.
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Need additional information before making a decision?

Give our team a call today at 844.520.6993

Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Insurance

As a lactation consultant, your business revolves around close interactions with clients. Let us provide peace of mind with tailored protection for your small practice. We’re familiar with the typical challenges your profession may encounter and are committed to ensuring your comprehensive protection. Allow us to be your dedicated professional resource, supporting the thriving success of your lactation consulting business.

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