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Your business faces risks every day, such as spills and stains from cleaning solutions, damage to a client’s possessions or property, and slip-and-fall accidents. Don’t let an accident sweep your financial resources away. Get comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. Our licensed insurance agents are available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

Digital Certificate of Insurance

Many clients want to work with professionals who are insured before they are hired for a job. Insurance Canopy customers can access a digital version of insurance policy information online and 24/7.

Optional Inland Marine Coverage

Your equipment and supplies play a huge role in your business. Unfortunately, they also run the risk of being stolen or damaged. With cleaning insurance, you can include inland marine coverage for your essentials for a small fee.

Clean With Confidence

You work hard daily to build your carpet cleaning business. The best way to protect your business is to carry insurance, which may cover a third-party claim.

Access to Additional Insureds

Insurance Canopy customers can add third-parties as additional insureds under their insurance policy online for $5. Your policy may protect them from third-party claims arising out of your negligence.

Questions About Carpet Cleaning Insurance

Choosing the right insurance is critical. You can’t afford gaps in your coverage that could put you out of business.

What Is Carpet Cleaning Insurance?
Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning insurance is designed to cover claims related to the daily operations of your cleaning business. Insurance could help cover the medical costs of these unexpected claims.

A policy provides coverages for general liability, damage to premises rented, medical expenses, and more.

Why Should I Have Carpet Cleaning Insurance?
Carpet cleaning

As a business owner, you face a variety of risks. Carpet cleaning insurance is an essential piece of any company’s business strategy. One unfortunate incident can lead to an expensive lawsuit costing your business thousands. With the help of insurance, you can financially safeguard your business if you were to face a third-party claim.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Insurance Cost?
Cleaning carpet by hand

The price of your insurance policy will depend on a few factors, such as the size of your business, annual employee payroll (including owner), desired coverage amounts and limits, and the state where the business is located. When you complete your application, you will receive instant access to your policy documents.

Why You Should Carry Carpet Cleaning Insurance
Carpet cleaning

While most states do not require janitors to have a trade license, there are many that do. Insurance coverage can also instill confidence in your current and potential clients.

  • Property managers and owners may require that you provide proof of insurance before they sign a contract with you.
  • Liability insurance provides a layer of defense against claims such as bodily injury or property damage claims.
  • If you use or transport your equipment to multiple locations, you will want to protect it against theft, damage, or loss with additional inland marine coverage.
  • Financial peace of mind.
Is Cleaning Insurance Required By Law?
Carpet cleaning

Whether your business requires cleaning insurance or not will depend on your location and the type of business you are operating. Even if your state does not require cleaning business insurance, carrying insurance can be a beneficial asset to your business and provide peace of mind while you operate. As a business owner, you travel to various locations for cleaning jobs and each job carries risks. While we hope that nothing goes wrong on the job, insurance is designed to protect your company’s assets if you are sued for bodily injury or property damage.

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Coverage Details

Maximum Liability Insurance Limits
General Aggregate $2,000,000
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
Each Occurrence Limit $1,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Limit $1,000,000
Damage to Rented Premises Limit $100,000
Medical Expense Limit $5,000
Optional Coverage Options

Inland Marine Coverage

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Cleaning business insurance can protect your company from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property claims. We can assess the specific risks associated with your type of cleaning business and match your liability insurance coverage to your needs. Check out these cleaning business insurance policies for pricing, coverage options, and accessibility.

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