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*Price varies by state

Protect Your Catering Company

Protect your catering business with Liquor Liability Insurance for Caterers. Liquor Liability Insurance can protect your business from the out-of-pocket cost of lawsuits, legal claims, and damages that can arise from selling or serving alcohol as part of your business operation.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Insurance Canopy’s Liquor Liability Insurance For Caters provides comprehensive coverage according to the unique needs and risks of your business. With general and liquor liability, as well as additional policy options for additional coverage, you will be able to rest easy knowing you have the exact coverage your catering company needs.

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Liquor Liability

As a caterer who serves alcohol, you could be held liable to pay for accidents caused by individuals you served alcohol to. As such, it’s crucial to cover your business with liquor liability, which can protect your business from the hundred of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs that could arise from a liquor liability claim.

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Protect Your Business

Running a catering business has risks and those risks are increased when serving alcohol. Liquor Liability Insurance For Caterers is designed to mitigate and in some cases eliminate the hefty financial burden that comes from claims. With Insurance Canopy, you can create a financial safety blanket to protect your business for years to come.

Coverage Details

*Pricing varies depending on limits selected.

Liquor Liability Limits Options

Occurence Limit*

$100,000 – $1,000,000

Aggregate Limit*

$300,000 – $2,000,000

General Liability Limits

Products & Completed Operations Aggregate


Personal & Advertising Injury


Each Occurence Limit


Damage to Premises Rented to You


Medical Expsnse Limit


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Protect Against Risk

Don’t let the risks of running your alcohol service drain your financial resources. Insurance Canopy provides comprehensive liability insurance that can protect your business from claims. Common risks Bartender Insurance can protect you from include:

  • Accidents involving customers you served alcohol to
  • Customers getting injured as a result of your business operation
  • Property damage caused by your business or by an intoxicated customer
  • Fights or threats taking place between patrons

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Claim Examples You Could Face
  • A wedding guest was served alcohol, and lost control of his vehicle which resulted in serious injuries to several of his passengers. Damages due to negligent service reached over $1,000,000 and expense costs were $62,000.
  • A food caterer served alcohol and one of the guests was in a car accident. His passengers were paralyzed and suffered severe injuries. The claim for negligent service reached $500,000 and expense costs of exceeded $70,000.
  • At a holiday party, a guest lost control of her vehicle and hit a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer driver sued and won $300,000 for negligent service.

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Questions About Liquor Liability Insurance For Caterers

According to your local Dram Shop law, your catering business could be held liable for accidents, injuries, and other damages caused by individuals you served alcohol to. Liquor liability claims can be expensive, often costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liquor liability insurance is designed to reduce the out-of-pocket cost your business may be required to pay without coverage.

Insurance Canopy’s Liquor Liability Insurance For Caterers includes general and liquor liability as well as additional policy options to protect your company for the variety of claims it could face.

Yes. Depending on the state, if your catering business sells or serves alcohol, you may be required by law to protect your business with liquor liability insurance. However, even if you are not required to have insurance, there are many benefits that come from covering your business.

As a business that serves alcohol, your business could be liable to pay for damages caused by individuals you served alcohol to, especially visibly intoxicated persons and minors. With Liquor Liability Insurance For Caterers, you can financially protect your business should an accident occur.

Liquor liability insurance can protect your business from claims that arise from accidents, injuries, and other damages caused by individuals you served alcohol to. As a business that serves alcohol, you could be required to pay upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of a liquor liability claim. In addition to liquor liability claims, your business could also face third-party bodily injury and property damage claims.

With general and liquor liability coverage, Insurance Canopy has your business covered for many of the risks associated with running a business that serves alcohol.

The price of liquor liability insurance varies by state. Cost can also change according to selected limits as well as the nature of your business (services provided, gross liquor sales, etc.). Starting rates for plans including general and liquor liability can on average cost as low as $400 a year or $33 a month. For an accurate quote according to your state, follow the link below.

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Liquor Liability For Caterers

Running a catering business can be fun, but paying for liquor liability claims sure aren’t. Don’t let your business be halted by the financial burden of claims. Protect your catering business today with Insurance Canopy’s Liquor Liability Insurance For Caterers.

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