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Inland Marine Insurance

Insurance to protect your tools and equipment against theft and damages

From big businesses to at-home entrepreneurs, millions of people use inland marine insurance to insure billions of different items they need to do their jobs.

Despite the odd-sounding name, this coverage can pave the way through unknown risks and unexpected accidents—bringing you peace of mind and keeping your business moving forward.

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JoAnne Hammer | Insurance Canopy Program Manager, Certified Insurance Counselor

JoAnne’s 29 years of industry experience make her unmatched in the small business insurance space. She reviewed this page and gave it her stamp of approval so you can know it’s certified by a pro.

A makeup artist works on a bride's makeup before a wedding. Her inland marine insurance can protect her tools as she works from location to location.

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance is a first-party coverage used to protect moveable goods, tools, and inventory related to your business against theft or accidental damages. That means equipment you use to make products, gear to help you run your business, and inventory of supplies or products. Despite the word “marine,” this coverage only protects items stored or moved on land.

If your equipment, tools, or inventory is damaged or stolen, it could seriously impede your ability to operate and conduct business like normal. Inland marine insurance may help you repair or replace covered items to help you keep things running smoothly—saving you time and money!

Are Inland Marine and Tools and Equipment the Same Thing?

Yes, tools and equipment insurance is another name for inland marine. Because “inland marine” sounds confusing, insurance companies sometimes change the name so it’s easier to understand what it is.

Other names for inland marine insurance you may see are:

There are many variations, but they generally all refer to inland marine coverage. It’s always good to check through your Certificate of Insurance (COI) and look for “inland marine insurance,” since this is how it will likely be referred to on official documents.

You may also see the term “inland marine” on rental agreements, partnership forms, or employment contracts if someone is requiring you to carry insurance with certain coverages.

Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance is used by businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals who use special tools or equipment, travel to and from locations with business property, keep inventory in one location, or store items away from their primary business location. 

You need this coverage if you are a business sending products all across the country or an artist who is taking their handmade goods to a special event in another state. You also need it if you operate a mobile service like a mobile food, beauty, pet grooming, or cleaning business.

Here are a few examples of different businesses that may need inland marine insurance:

Do I Need Inland Marine Insurance?

If you’re thinking about getting inland marine insurance, but aren’t sure if you need it, try asking yourself the following questions. If you can answer yes to any of them, then inland marine coverage may be a good investment for you!

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland marine insurance protects a variety of items related to your business activities. This ranges from tools you use to make a product to the inventory you ship cross country for sale or even the equipment used to process orders and payments. 

Examples of insurable items may include:

Inland marine insurance is largely responsible for covering moveable items that are kept at a primary location and not permanently installed in buildings or residences (like supplies, products, or equipment).

Does Inland Marine Cover Theft?

Yes, inland marine insurance covers theft in most cases. Theft is considered a “covered cause of loss,” with some requirements on your part, the main two being:

When filing a claim for stolen property, you will need to provide a copy of a police report and proof that you were the owner of the property (like a receipt or pictures of the items in your possession or at your business, mobile setup, or work station).

However, inland marine would not cover theft if the stolen items were left unattended or not secured in a locked vehicle, trailer, or building.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Not Cover?

Like all insurance policies, there are limits to what can be covered. Inland marine insurance cannot cover:
Inland marine insurance is largely responsible for covering moveable items that are kept at a primary location and not permanently installed in buildings or residences (like supplies, products, or equipment).

What Coverage Do I Need in Addition to Inland Marine?

Inland marine can only cover moveable types of property you use for your business. This type of coverage excludes immovable property, like commercial buildings, and vehicles you use for your business. 

You might need some additional commercial coverages to ensure your business has the comprehensive protection it needs:

Property Insurance

Property Insurance is designed to cover commercial buildings you own or rent for your business operations, and the contents inside.

This may be a:

  • Warehouse
  • Retail store
  • Industrial building
  • Distribution center

Hired/Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Hired/Non-Owned Auto Coverage is designed to cover vehicles you use for your business operations.

  • “Hired” Auto Coverage may insure rented, leased, or borrowed vehicles you or your employees use for business purposes.
  • “Non-Owned” Auto Coverage may insure vehicles you or your employees personally own and use for business purposes.

How Much Does Inland Marine Insurance Cost?

Inland marine insurance costs range from as low as $16/year up to $155/year with Insurance Canopy depending on the industry you work in.

We offer inland marine as an optional endorsement to most of our policies. The rates for our most popular policies are listed below:

Industry Endorsement Price
Fitness Instructors Gear & Equipment Coverage $16/year
Beauty Professionals Tools & Equipment Coverage $16/year
Mentors, Tutors, and Consultants Equipment & Gear Coverage $26.04/year
Entertainers and DJs Equipment & Gear Coverage $39.96/year
Lawn Care Businesses Equipment Coverage $39.96/year
Cleaning Businesses Tools & Equipment Coverage $39.96/year
Pet Care Professionals Equipment & Inventory Coverage $48.96/year
Artists and Crafters Tools, Supplies, & Inventory Coverage $54/year
Photographers and Videographers Camera Equipment Coverage $55/year
Food Vendors and Businesses Tools and Equipment Coverage $99/year
Lawn Care Professionals Equipment & Supplies Coverage $155/year

If you don’t see your industry listed here, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you! Call us at 888.600.0894 to speak with a licensed agent who can answer your questions.

Your cost will depend on several things, the most prominent being:

Why Insurance Canopy Is a Top Provider of Inland Marine Insurance

We know how important your gear and equipment are to do the work you do. That’s why we partner with some of the most trusted carriers, like Great American and Lloyds of London, to offer inland marine insurance at such low rates.

Since 2010, we have been making specialty insurance plans tailored to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and industry professionals. You can customize your insurance online to include coverages like inland marine insurance.

Insurance Canopy makes it easy to access the affordable, quality coverage you need to help lower and manage your risks. Our online applications and in-house team of agents make it easy to find the right plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Inland Marine Insurance?

If an item is stolen or damaged, it could halt your ability to keep working or put a dent in your finances trying to repair or replace something on your own dime. Inland marine insurance protects items vital to your business operations or services, making it an important coverage for you to have. 

Most liability insurance policies offer “third-party coverage” for accidents you, your business, your products, or your service cause to other parties.

Inland marine is considered a first-party coverage. It’s one of the few you can get to cover accidents that happen to your business. This is important because property, renters, or homeowners’ insurance plans often won’t cover theft or damage to your business items, especially if they happen away from the insured property. 

Inland Marine Claims Examples

Property Damaged In Transit

A wholesaler based in Indiana is shipping an order of products to a boutique in California. While on the road, the semi-truck is in an accident that damages the items beyond repair. Inland marine insurance may help the wholesaler recoup the cost of the broken products.

Theft At An Event

Most thefts that occur at events happen when you are setting up or taking down your booth or display. If an artist’s inventory and equipment is stolen in a scenario like this, insurance may help replace the stolen items or cover the cost of the supplies to make new products.

Third-Party Accidents

A caterer is meeting with some potential customers for a taste test. One of the individuals accidentally bumps the table while standing up, knocking a glass over onto the caterer’s computer. Since this laptop is where all important business information is stored, inland marine coverage could help reimburse the costs of repairing the laptop.

How To Buy Inland Marine Insurance

There are three ways to buy inland marine insurance from Insurance Canopy: 

1. Instantly Add to Your Policy

Add inland marine to your policy during checkout or from your online dashboard.

2. Get a Quote

Apply online in 10 minutes or less and an agent will be in touch with a free quote.

3. Unsure? Ask an Agent!

Contact a member of our team to learn more about getting inland marine insurance.

Inland marine may be included in some commercial insurance policies or as an optional policy you have to add to a plan. Check your policy documents to see if inland marine insurance is listed as an optional or included coverage. 

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