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The Small Business Insurance Marketplace


Canopy is a leader in the business liability insurance industry. As a hybrid of a traditional insurance brokerage and a digital insurance company, we assist businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to small businesses to large corporations in finding the best insurance coverage for your business.

Insurance Canopy has been developing relationships and insurance solutions from the highest-rated carriers in the nation for more than 15 years.

Canopy provides business owners direct access to a national insurance brokerage and to insurance from top carriers. By curating insurance programs tailored to the needs of your industries, we’re dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Canopy’s Marketplace offers Insurance Policies From Top Carriers Licensed in All 50 States.

Canopy is an online business insurance marketplace built to help both small and large businesses access professional, product, and general liability insurance at a low cost from top-rated national carriers.

Using our search tool and industry list, you’re able to get business insurance quotes, research, and purchase insurance policies completely online.

Canopy is headquartered in West Chesterfield, Virginia. Our insurance team is hyper-focused on your business needs, and we have licensed agents standing by to help answer any insurance questions you have. At Canopy, our priority is making sure that your business is insured by a policy that fits your needs perfectly.

Robust Coverage with Lowest Prices

Canopy allows you to research insurance costs and coverage options at a glance. You’ll save money while finding comprehensive coverage which matches your small business insurance needs.

Customer Focused

Our insurance team members help you get the coverage your looking for. Let us do the legwork. Just click on your industry category, select your specialty, and we’ll connect you to the right insurance program. Quickly find the insurance providers and coverage you need with Canopy’s comprehensive resource directory.


Canopy portals offer direct access to easy online applications for most product, professional, and general liability insurance coverage.