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Alex Hastings


About Alex Hastings

Alex Hastings is a copywriter with Veracity Insurance, contributing to sites like Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) and Insurance Canopy. She is fully trained on liquor, DJs, entertainers, mentors, and consultants insurance coverages and writes content that connects business owners with the policies they need.

Alex holds a degree B.A. in Creative Writing from Western Washington University, where she graduated magna cum laude.

Before working at Veracity, Alex was a retail copywriter at Zulily, an English language teacher in South Korea, and an associate editor at Occam’s Razor. She was awarded the Hoover Prize scholarship at WWU for her independent research in political science and has had her creative writing published in journals including Jeopardy and Sweet Tree Review.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys reading (a lot), writing fiction and poetry, birding, and finding any excuse to get brunch.