Julis Navarro, Copywriter for Insurance Canopy

Julis Navarro


About Julis Navarro

Julis Navarro is a copywriter with Veracity Insurance, contributing to sites like Insurance Canopy, Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, and ACT Insurance. Fully trained on each program’s coverages, she writes to help small business owners navigate the world of insurance.

Julis holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an outside concentration in marketing from Pepperdine University. Before working at Veracity, Julis was an editorial copywriter for online retailer Zulily, where she also championed an inclusive language initiative and specialized in beauty and wellness copy. She has also written for a number of satire publications

Outside of work, you can find Julis reading, hunting for a good matcha latte, or rolling out her mat to enjoy an energizing yoga flow.

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