Lindsey Fliger, Copywriter for Insurance Canopy

Lindsey Fliger


About Lindsey Fliger

Lindsey is a copywriter with Veracity Insurance, contributing to sites like Insurance Canopy, Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) and Pet Care Insurance. Lindsey is fully trained on Insurance Canopy’s wide variety of products and is equipped to help pros like you navigate your insurance needs.

Lindsey holds a bachelor’s in English from Kent State University and a master’s in English Literature from The University of Akron. She graduated cum laude from KSU.

Before working at Veracity, Lindsey wrote about everything from kitchen tools to decadent wines at Zulily, and did SEO copywriting for a variety of clients in a marketing agency setting. In addition to writing and editing, she’s been teaching college-level English for over a decade.

Outside of work, Lindsey enjoys baking, gaming, crafting, gardening, and pretending she’ll ever make it to the bottom of her TBR pile.

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