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A Brief Overview of IWCA

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You want to keep up on the latest cleaning industry news, certifications, and even keep up with networking with fellow cleaning business professionals. One way to accomplish this is by joining a cleaning association. Have you considered joining one specifically for window cleaning business owners? We wanted to give you a brief overview of the International Window Cleaning Association and how signing up for a membership may be beneficial for your company.


Through this association, members have the opportunity to network with fellow members and have access to business tools.

  • Trade Show Discount:

    Members get discounts for the IWCA Annual Convention and Trade Show. This event is designed to help business owners and employees improve their efforts.

  • Member Affiliate Discount:

    Members can get discounts on cleaning products and supplies from IWCA-approved vendors.

  • Exclusive Access To Business Tools:

    The IWCA wants to give its members access to business tools that can elevate efforts. Members can get discounts on time tracking sheets, human resources tools, payroll software, rentals, and more!

  • Fleet Care:

    As a window cleaning business owner, you need your vehicles in tip top shape and in working condition. IWCA members get a 10% discount from Jiffy Lube.

  • Service Opportunities:

    Each year at the convention members have the opportunity to work with a local charity.

We only listed a few member benefits that you may find useful. To see IWCA’s member benefits in its entirety, you can visit their website here.


As a cleaning business owner, it’s important to further your education and be compliant within the industry. ISSA offers certifications for members to help elevate their business efforts.

  • Safety Director and Certification Program:

    This course will provide the tools necessary to implement proper safety training and effective safety guidelines for your business.

  • Campus IWCA:

    This training program is offered by the IWCA. Members have access to a variety of resources to keep current on health, safety, and business operations.

  • Certified Window Cleaner Education:

    This training program is also offered by IWCA and gives members the opportunity to learn some new skills in the industry.


The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) offers annual trade shows, educational tools, marketing materials, certifications, and additional training that is designed to keep its members up to date on the cleaning industry.


At Insurance Canopy, we value our customers and strive to give you comprehensive insurance coverage for your business. On top of providing cleaning business insurance, we want to highlight resources that may be useful for you and hope you found this information beneficial. If you have any additional questions regarding the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA), please visit their homepage here.

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