Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance?

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Do you really need window cleaning insurance? The short answer is yes!

You may be super careful while running your business but outside variables are completely out of your control and it could cost you a lot of money. One risk cleaning business owners face on every job is that of a lawsuit. This is where insurance may keep your business from going down the proverbial drain. Not only does window cleaning insurance offering general liability, but the policy also provides benefits like medical expense insurance, optional inland marine coverage, an insurance badge to help you market to customers, and additional insureds.

Let us explain why you do need window cleaning insurance below.

General Liability

General liability is designed to respond to bodily injury and property damage claims you are legally liable to pay for (i.e., lawsuit).

  • Bodily Injury

    For example, you could have left your window cleaning supplies in a walkway and your client trips over it. Due to their fall, they break their ankle and are sent to the hospital after further review of the injury. The client sues you for causing the accident and wants compensation for missing work. The court takes the client’s side and you are legally liable to pay for their medical bills. Depending on the covered claim, your window cleaning insurance policy should be able to cover those expenses.

  • Property Damage

    For example, you break a window on the job and your equipment knocks over your client’s expensive housewares. They are so upset over the ordeal that they take you to court and want compensation for the items. Since the incident was your fault, the court orders you to pay for the damages and you have a legal obligation to do so.

Our window cleaning insurance coverage offers a $2 million limit for covered claims, such as bodily injury and property damage.

Medical Expense

When you are running your business, there is always a chance of a lawsuit happening and one slip up is all it takes. Whether you’ve been in the industry for a handful of years or decades, general liability insurance can come in handy if you ever face a legal battle. However, not every incident will result in a legal battle and there is one proactive way that may keep a lawsuit from happening. This is where medical expense coverage coverage comes in and here’s an example of how that type of insurance may respond.

Let’s say your client sprains their ankle due to your negligence and they went to the doctor to evaluate the minor injury. One way to keep your client happy and soften the blow of a potential lawsuit happening is by suggesting they file a claim with your insurance. This professional gesture may keep them from paying for the bill out of their own pocket.

window cleaning insurance policy from Canopy includes a medical expense coverage limit of $5,000.

Inland Marine

Your window cleaning supplies play a huge role in your business and can be a substantial investment. If you’re supplies or equipment were stolen, could you cover the replacement cost? For many business owners, it could cause a financial strain and keep them from taking on more jobs.

This is where inland marine insurance comes in.

Let’s say you left your window cleaning supplies in your car after a long day of work and leave it there overnight. To your surprise, your car windows are broken and your supplies are gone.

Inland marine coverage is designed to cover materials being transported over land or being stored in an off-site location. Your items can run the risk of theft, fire, and environmental damage and inland marine coverage may respond to these circumstances.

If you’re interested in inland marine insurance, you can add this coverage to your window cleaning insurance policy for an additional cost. At Canopy, we offer inland marine insurance starting at $40 with a $250 deductible.


With so many window cleaning businesses out there, what are you doing to stand out? It’s important to do what you can to give your business a competitive edge and insurance can help you out. Surprised? Let us explain.

Once you’re an Insurance Canopy policyholder, you have access to our insurance badge and can add it on your website. Whether a customer is on the fence about two window cleaning contractors or they are doing their research to find the right one for them, you can show potential customers that they are working with a true professional who understands the risks and who is proactive by carrying insurance.

Additional Insureds

An additional insured is a person or organization–not an employee or friend–that can be added to your insurance policy by endorsement. When providing additional insured status to a person or organization, your policy will protect that additional insured for claims arising out of your negligence.

There are various types of venues that need a window cleaning service to make sure their property is looking spotless for guests and guests can enjoy the view from the windows. Many property owners prefer working with a business that can add them as an additional insured before working on site.

Let’s say someone at the venue gets injured due to your negligence and decides to sue. In order to get more money out of the situation, they want to sue the venue owner as well. Since they are added as an additional insured and they weren’t responsible for the accident, the terms of your policy often provide coverage.

With us, you can easily add additional insureds (for a small fee) online and get to work!

Tailored Window Cleaning Insurance Quote

You window cleaning insurance quote will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of your business, the number of full-time employees, the number of part-time employees, whether or not you want to include inland marine insurance for your equipment, add additional insureds and more. While many insurance companies will want you to wait around for a quote, you can get your tailored window cleaning insurance quote in minutes and immediately purchase coverage with Canopy.

Why Canopy Is Your Window Cleaning Insurance Solution

A hand with a rag cleaning windows

We hope that you consider us for your window cleaning insurance needs!

At Insurance Canopy, we understand that your time is valuable and you should focus it on taking your business to new heights. When it comes to insurance coverage, you can easily protect your business through Canopy within 10 minutes or less and you have access proof of coverage online after purchase. Wherever your business takes you, you can rest assured that you are covered within all 50 states and take on the next job that comes your way. If you’re on the fence about coverage, feel free to contact our licensed agents via phone or email.

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