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Guide to Liability Insurance for Musicians: All You Need to Know

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Last Updated: 6/14/2024

Did you know that there were more than 50,000 concerts and festivals in 2023 alone? That’s more than twice the results from 2008 (22,167) and a significant surge from 2020 (8,117). Bottom line: people love seeing their favorite bands and musicians live. Lucky you, aspiring musician!

You may be thinking: “I’m just singing or playing music. Why do I need insurance?” Getting insurance for musicians shields you against risks before, during, or after your show.

Plus, you’d be surprised at how many events and venues require proof of liability insurance for musicians and ask to be additional insureds on your policy.

Don’t fret. Read on to see why you need musicians insurance, what your policy includes, and how Insurance Canopy’s musicians’ insurance coverage offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Musician holding a guitar in a studio.

What Is Musician Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance can protect you from third-party claims of medical injuries, property damage, and more.

For example, let’s say your speaker accidentally tumbles off its stand and damages the stage floor at a venue where you’re playing, or someone trips over your equipment, gets injured, and needs medical attention.

Without liability insurance, you could be the one left holding the bill for the venue repairs or the medical bills of the injured patron. Instead of paying out of pocket for these claims and financially draining you, your insurance policy will cover the expenses.

What Risks Do Musicians Face While Performing?

Some risks musicians face include:

  • Stolen instruments and other equipment from their vehicle
  • Getting into an accident en route to a gig and instruments are damaged
  • A third party claiming the musician unknowingly slandered them on social media
  • Scuffing a venue’s walls or doors when setting up instruments and gear

Why Do Musicians Need Liability Insurance?

No matter how careful you are, things sometimes still go sideways. Liability insurance for musicians defends against expensive claims. It also shows others that you take your music business seriously.

Most venues and events prefer to hire musicians with general liability insurance over those who don’t have it. Plus, many venues and event organizers will require you to provide proof of insurance before booking you. Some will even ask to be added to your policy as an additional insured.

Why? It protects them from being held responsible for third-party injuries or property damage they accidentally cause.

Professional band with a female singer, a saxophone and upright bass.

What Does a General Liability Policy for Musicians Include?

Insurance Canopy’s General Liability Insurance policy for musicians includes a series of coverages to give you comprehensive protection against common claims:

  • General Liability: Shields you against third-party injury or damage claims.
  • Products-Completed Operations: Protects you against third-party claims saying you didn’t deliver a great show.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury: Shields you from claims of false advertising, libel, slander, and more.
  • Damage to Rented Premises: Safeguards you from property damage claims when renting venues or spaces for recording sessions and rehearsals.
  • Medical Expenses: No-fault coverage is included to cover medical expenses if someone gets hurt during one of your shows.

What Insurance Do Musicians Need to Protect Instruments and Gear?

Gear and Equipment Insurance (aka Inland Marine) can help pay for damaged or stolen instruments. Insurance Canopy offers this coverage as an add-on policy for annual entertainment insurance policyholders.

Did you know? Musical instruments are expensive to buy and even more expensive to repair. Among other music-related trends, Statista’s study found that the average cost of an electric guitar in 2021 was $625.

How Much Does Musicians Liability Insurance Cost?

The starting cost of musician liability insurance is $199 a year or $59 per event with Insurance Canopy. Looking for year-round coverage? We also offer monthly payments as low as $18.50 a month. 

Why Choose Insurance Canopy?

Getting musician liability insurance from Insurance Canopy is a career-saver. You can apply in 10 minutes or less, add as many additional insureds as you need, and access your Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your dashboard to protect the future of your music business.

Peace of mind can sound as harmonious as your next hit song if you have the right insurance coverage. Don’t miss out on this great deal.

guitarist holding is guitar in the air after finishing a set

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Liability Insurance for Musicians

Is Musician Instrument Insurance Worth It?

Absolutely! Musician instrument insurance is worth it because it provides coverage if your instrument is damaged or stolen. Insurance Canopy offers equipment and gear, aka inland marine, coverage as an add-on to annual policies.

How Much Does a One-Day Musician Insurance Policy Cost?

The starting cost for a one-day musician insurance policy is $59 with Insurance Canopy. However, our annual policy is only $18.50 a month ($199 per year) — it could save you money if you have more than one or two gigs in a year.

What Is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a Musician?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) proves that a musician has an active general liability policy. In addition to protecting your music business, It’s often required by third-party venues and event organizers before they will hire you to perform or play live music.

How Do I Add a Venue as an Additional Insured?

You can add venues to your musician’s policy in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Insurance Canopy dashboard
  2. Find your existing policy
  3. Add the name of the venue or venue owner as an additional insured

Do Session Studio Musicians Need Liability Insurance?

Yes! Liability insurance can protect you from lawsuits due to your business operations on stage or in a studio. For example, someone could get hurt while you’re setting up your equipment, or you could accidentally break furniture or equipment or damage flooring during a studio session.

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