Pennywise from Stephen King's "IT" may be the most famous clown in town right now, but happy clowns aren't clowning around when it comes to the reputation of their industry. Clown professionals have long been a staple of entertainment and performances, and professionals in this industry insist that's not about to change, even with the creepy clown epidemic on the rise.

Insurance Canopy can help professional clowns increase their credibility and professionalism with clown insurance. If you are a clown who needs clown insurance for your gigs, Insurance Canopy can help you.

Clown Insurance Enhances Professionalism & Credibility

One way to set a standard of professionalism and credibility is to carry liability insurance. Having insurance helps reassure those who hire you that you are a credible professional entertainer.

Sometimes, having insurance could mean the difference between landing a gig or not. We can be your go-to when you need to purchase a 1–3 day clown event policy at the last minute. Our policies are available to purchase online 24/7 and once your payment processes, you can download your policy documents and issue certificates of insurance to show a potential customer or employer.

Venues who hire clowns often require their performers to carry general liability insurance and to name them as an additional insured. Unlimited additional insureds are available for $5 and can be added to your policy online.

1-3 Day Clown Insurance - No Membership Required

Professional clowns may pay expensive dues to belong to a national or worldwide clown association that offers general liability insurance for an additional cost. Insurance Canopy provides clowns with insurance without the added expense or hassle of membership fees.

If you're a clown who performs a few gigs each year, or are planning on doing a single gig, an annual clown insurance policy may have you over-insured and paying for extra coverage you don't need. A short-term 1–3 day event clown insurance policy may fit your needs much better than those oversized clown shoes you wear.

Clown Insurance Offers Protection from Lawsuits & Third-Party Claims

A mishap during your performance could result in an expensive lawsuit or third-party claim and that WON'T turn a frown upside down. Court costs, medical claims, damages to property, and other claims are no laughing matter.

With 1–3 day clown insurance, you can protect yourself from general liability claims and focus on your next bit.

What's Happening With The Clown Industry?

The clown industry may have taken a hit from negative "clown-related activity." The World Clown Association has experienced a drop in membership by about a third to 2,500 members from 3,500 just a decade ago.

Professional clowns say there's a need for real clowns to put on a happy face and become ambassadors for this entertainment niche. Happy clowns can help counteract the fear and terror that are now being associated with clowns, especially in young children.

So, if you're a happy clown performer, it's time to brush on your makeup, rehearse your bit, and get ready to perform a few gags to show people there's no funny business in the funny business.

You can purchase 1-3 day short term clown event insurance here.

Or, if you're interested in a more comprehensive, annual policy, check out our clown annual insurance policy here.

*All insurance policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the policy for exact coverages.