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House Cleaning Marketing Ideas To Stand Out From The Crowd

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After establishing your cleaning business, you’re probably finally in the groove of running the marketing strategy. After all this time, have you taken a step back and considered ways to improve your current strategy and beat out competitors?

As you personalize your brand, do your research and make connections; as you put in the effort, you can rest easy knowing that your strategy has been boosted and that you have a leg on the competition.

Can’t think of ways to enhance your marketing on your own? Well, keep on reading.

Make It Personal

People would much rather work with a company that treats them as an individual instead of a number and capital opportunity. Many customers enjoy knowing the story behind a business as well as who’s in charge.

When you share what inspired you to start your house cleaning business or what kind of values run your business, you give future customers a deeper insight and connection to you as a person.

About Us Page Ideas

Company Story: What inspired you to start your house cleaning business? What’s your story? The answers to these questions can give you a good start. People love a good story and they want to know who is running the show.

Values: How do you stand out from the competition? What kinds of values run your business? Customers want to know what values drive your company and why they should support it.

Are you stuck on how to tell your company’s story? If writing isn’t your forte you may want to consider hiring a freelance writer through sites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Do Your Research

Depending on your area, you could be competing with several house cleaning companies. If this is the case, check out the competition and get a feel for any house cleaning marketing ideas they’re putting to use that could inspire some of your own. If there is a tactic that your competitor is using that could be changed to work for you, don’t be afraid to try it out.

Here are some ideas:

Check Social Media: Check your competitors’ social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Evaluate how often they are posting and what kind of content is featured (i.e. images, videos, or blogs). Like what you see? Come up with your own content strategy for those platforms and see how they perform.

Skim Websites: Examine your competitor sites and see how they are advertising to potential customers. Whether they are posting customer reviews or a price list, you can incorporate these elements to your site if they’re missing and take your site to the next level.

Read Online Reviews: Sites like Yelp can show you what a competing business in your area can lack and you can take advantage of improving your cleaning business efforts. Common complaints include cleaning employees arriving late, not answering phone calls, and poor cleaning jobs. You may consider reviewing these complaints with your team and making sure they don’t fall short on any job.

Automate What You Can

It’s common business practice to collect customers’ emails to engage with them and promote yourself. Take your email marketing to the next level with a few basic automated emails throughout the year. With automation, you can simply schedule the emails you want to send and focus your marketing efforts elsewhere.

And with the variety of information you’ll want to tell your clients, you have so many options for the kinds of emails you can send out and automate.

Types of Emails

  • Birthday Month Emails: Who doesn’t love getting a little discount on their birthday? Sending a birthday coupon with a small discount off of a house cleaning service is a great way to drum up business and increase your sales.
  • Time-Sensitive Promotions: Is there a certain time of year when business is a little slow? Pinpoint the specific months and send out a time-sensitive promotion. Your customers would love to see that for one booked referral, they get a free half-bath cleaning.
  • Newsletters: Customers appreciate businesses who provide valuable information. Put together some cleaning tips and tricks along with any updates about your business and send it out in a quarterly newsletter.

We recommend doing your own research on automated email services to find a service that fits your needs. For starters, you can check out automated email sites like MailChimp or Sender.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is one of the best things you can do for your house cleaning business. You can increase your clientele, build professional relationships, and learn from seasoned professionals. Strike up a conversation and build those connections in settings like association meetings, events, or even online!

Ways To Network

  • Associations: Associations provide various resources to its members, such as online directories, marketing materials, and more. These types of resources may help you improve and grow your house cleaning service. Not to mention, you’ll meet many business owners along the way! Here’s a list of cleaning associations you can check out and one association related to your industry.
  • Expos and Trade Shows: Business owners from the house cleaning industry come together to network, learn from seasoned professionals, and attend workshops. Expos are a great setting to meet with hundreds of people, exchange contact information, and build connections. Take a look at these yearly expos and trade shows that you could attend—one might just be in your area!

Build Your Credibility

With so many house cleaning businesses in the area, one way to stand out from the competition is by insuring your business with house cleaning insurance. When you are insured with Insurance Canopy, you have exclusive access to our online badge and can feature it on your site. This badge is signal to customers that they are working with a true professional and can offer them peace of mind. Plus, you can easily opt-in to our renewal process to help prevent gaps in coverage.

House Cleaning Insurance…

  • Pegs you as a true professional
  • May help you gain potential clients
  • Showcases responsibility and trustworthiness

There you have it! While there’s so much more you can try out and implement, we hope these house cleaning marketing ideas were helpful. Marketing is all about experimentation and figuring out which ideas work best for you. Let us know your favorite ideas in the comments section!

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