Coronavirus has put a damper on everyone’s plans. Weddings, graduations, and birthday parties have been canceled for now. It goes to show that we can’t take things for granted. As a DJ, you bring a lot of energy and joy to these events. Not to mention, memories that your clients and their guests will treasure for a lifetime. Keep in mind that business will pick up again. Just like everyone is doing their best to stay safe, you can keep your business safe with DJ insurance and be ready to go before those events are rescheduled.

Insurance coverage can still protect your business and your equipment. Canopy insurance can serve as a long-term financial safety net and can give you peace of mind. Let’s talk about three things you should consider when shopping around for the best DJ insurance for your business. Hope our points are helpful in your search!

General Liability

Lots of feelings build up before your next gig. You could feel excited, happy, nervous, and pumped all at the same time. Your biggest hope is that everything goes according to plan. For the most part, the gig will go great and you can move on to prepping for the next one.

Sometimes that isn’t the case.

Your next gig could run into a huge roadblock, such as an injury. Let’s say your station is prepped for a wedding reception and the guests start showing up to dance the night away. People start dancing and the turnout is great! Out of the corner of your eye, you notice that the dancing has stopped and everyone starts crowding around. Your excitement turns into fear. The hope for a great night has vanished. Unfortunately for you, a person tripped over your speaker cord and injured their leg.

What’s next?

A lawsuit that drags on for months. The guest is suing over their costly medical expenses and loss of income. With insurance, you have peace of mind knowing that your hard work is covered and you have a safety net. One hiccup doesn’t mean you’ll have to close down your business for good. Regardless of what the judge decides, you can be covered with DJ insurance and know you’re not alone. General liability covers bodily injury and property damage expenses you are legally liable to pay.

DJ liability insurance from Canopy also offers:

  • Products completed operations coverage
  • Personal & advertising injury
  • Damage to premises rented to you
  • Optional inland marine coverage

For more information on DJ insurance, you can read about each coverage option and their policy limits here.

Equipment Coverage

Equipment coverage (also known as inland marine coverage) is property insurance that covers items being transported over land. Since DJs do a lot of traveling, this type of coverage is ideal and keeps your gear safe. It’s an extra layer of protection for your business and can respond to equipment damage/theft.

Inland marine insurance can cover:

  • Speakers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Turntables
  • And more!

You have the option to purchase inland marine coverage through our annual policy. The limit is $2,000 and there’s a $250 deductible. Equipment coverage is offered for a small fee of $40 annually or it can be broken down into monthly payments


We know you’re busy. You need to look for an insurance company that can work on your time and can grow with you. By the time restrictions are lifted, gigs will be headed your way and you need to be ready. Sometimes those gigs are last minute because a fellow DJ is sick and can’t perform. Our online platform gives you access to adding additional insureds (that means your policy will cover venue owners) and can manage your policy from there.

The Wrap Up

Times are tough right now. We want you to know it won’t last forever and you’ll be prepping for your next gig in no time. One way to be proactive is by protecting your business. We hope our explanation about insurance for DJs was helpful! If you have any questions about DJ insurance, our licensed agents can help via phone or email.

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