Living in a litigious society means you need insurance that can keep up. The business you worked so hard to build is valuable. There is no need to run it without an extra layer of protection.

Whether you face a big or small accident, it’s important to have insurance in place. It may come in handy during your lowest point.

While you carefully make sure that preparation goes smoothly, have you thought about how you are protecting your business? Musicians insurance offers a layer of protection and financial security. There’s also so much more that it can do for you. Learn more about it below.

A simple cleaning business insurance search could yield hundreds of results. Good thing we are here to help.

Learn what you should look for below.

General Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is a base coverage found in most cleaning business insurance policies. When shopping around for insurance, this should be one of the top things to look for.

This coverage responds to bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business services. You may be thinking, “I’ll never deal bodily injury or property damage claims. My business is fine,” In all honesty, it can happen to anyone.

Let’s say you’re a window cleaner and handling a job on your own during this particular appointment. You’ve done it before. Normally, there aren’t any issues. You finished your last set of windows and started packing up.

Since the rest of your supplies is in your client’s house, you head back in. Unfortunately, you knock over an expensive piece of your client’s home decor. Using bulky window cleaning equipment was your downfall. On top of disappointment and frustration, your client is demanding to know how you’re going to make this right.

With cleaning business insurance in place, you have coverage to fall back on. Every situation is different. However, with coverage, you may not have to worry about dealing with the massive financial strain on your own.

Inland Marine Coverage

Think of inland marine coverage as insurance for your equipment. When you’re looking for cleaning business insurance, be sure to find coverage that offers this (whether it’s included or an add-on).

Inland marine covers movable items being transported over land. So, items being transported by car are covered. If you happen to have a building or are transporting items over water, they don’t meet the policy specifications.

Let us explain how inland marine can respond.

You could be managing several appointments in any given day. Each appointment consists of hauling your equipment to and from your vehicle. That means you have to carefully secure the items before driving. Unfortunately, one latch came loose and your equipment was damaged during the drive. It’s a bummer considering you couldn’t meet with your last client.

No matter if you spent hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars on it, it’s still an investment. Plus, your equipment takes the front seat in your business.

Inland marine is usually offered as an additional layer of protection and is not included in the policy. At Canopy, you can choose the amount of coverage you need for your equipment. We don’t believe one size fits all. Especially, when it comes to the tools of your trade. We offer limits ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. You can include inland marine to a cleaning business insurance policy from Canopy starting at $40.

Medical Expense Coverage

Many look to get insurance for a financial safety net against potential lawsuits the business may face. Keep in mind that not every incident will result in a lawsuit.

Let’s say your client’s daughter is running around while you clean the house. You continue to keep your cleaning tote close by to prevent any injury from happening. In the middle of the appointment, you notice that she is playing outside. You’re in luck because you got tired of setting the tote on a clean surface. Before you can start cleaning the second level, you hear a huge crash. The little girl hit your tote and fell flat on her stomach.

You’re speechless. In a panic, you rush to her side asking if she’s okay. Before you know it, your client takes her daughter to the clinic. Thankfully, her injuries were minor. However, that doesn’t mean the medical bill will be.

With medical expense coverage in your cleaning business insurance policy, you can do the right thing and offer to pay. This type of coverage reimburses for medical expenses caused while operating.

Canopy offers a $5,000 limit for those cases.

That’s A Wrap

Looking for the best cleaning business insurance may be closer than you think. We strive to offer coverage that fits your business needs.!

Plus, you can get coverage from us starting at $35/month. That’s pretty hard to beat.

With our convenient online platform and a team of licensed agents to help, we hope you’ll consider us!

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