Insurance Canopy Is Pleased To Announce Our New Affiliate: Incorporate.com

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At Insurance Canopy, we’re dedicated to providing small businesses with more than just highly rated and comprehensive insurance plans.

Our goal is to serve our clients as a source of information and opportunity as they start to grow their small businesses. In pursuit of that goal, Insurance Canopy is proud to work with incorporate.com, which will provide a discount on their services to our clients who are interested in becoming incorporated.

With Insurance Canopy and incorporate.com, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Incorporate.com’s “Starter” plan discounted from $99 to $79, and their “Starter Plus” plan discounted from $278 to $199
  • Instructions on incorporating your small business
  • Business resources and guides
  • Continued access to Insurance Canopy’s event and annual general liability products

“Starter” plan highlights

  • Completion & filing of formation documents
  • Access to Compliance Watch®, incorporate.com’s online tool
  • A $75,000 corporate compliance guarantee
  • Electronic document delivery

“Starter Plus” plan highlights

  • All benefits of the “Starter” plan
  • A Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • An LLC Operating Agreement/Corporate Bylaws

Obtaining liability insurance for your small business is imperative to its success, but incorporating your small business can be just as important. At Insurance Canopy, we want to make sure your business is in good shape to succeed for years to come. Find your industry here and get insured today! If you have any questions, contact one of our licensed representatives here.

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