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Maintain Your Business With Lawn Care Insurance

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As a lawn care professional, you know the importance of keeping a well-groomed lawn. Without proper maintenance, even the best lawns can quickly fall into disrepair with overgrown grass and sprouting weeds. A well-manicured lawn, on the other hand, not only looks great, but actually increases the value of the property. Proper lawn care takes a lot of time and effort, but the end result is almost always worth the cost.
Purchasing lawn care insurance for your lawn care business is a lot like taking good care of a yard. Without it, insurance claims—like weeds—can ruin the appearance and value of your company, causing financial stress from hefty fees you could be legally responsible to pay. Having insurance can protect your company and even make it more valuable. And although insurance is something you pay for, the financial safety net it provides is almost always worth the cost.
Let’s take a look at why lawn care insurance is necessary for your small business and how you can protect yourself in case a claim does come your way.


If your company has risk, it means there is a chance that, during or as a result of, your business operations, something harmful or unexpected may occur. This risk can take many forms, but it usually manifests as damage either to an individual or to an individual’s property.
As a lawn care business, your company has risk and, if faced with a claim, may be legally liable to pay hefty fees. Without lawn care insurance, you may have to pay those costs out of pocket—something you definitely don’t want to do.
For instance, let’s say that while caring for a client’s yard, a rock gets caught in the blades of your lawn mower and smashes through the client’s front window, injuring their child. Is it likely to happen? Maybe not. But could it happen? Absolutely. You may be required to pay for the expensive replacement window and any medical fees yourself plus all the legal fees that could come as a result.
Life is messy, and a lot of accidents can occur in a lawn care business. With lawn care insurance, you can protect yourself and your company from the financial burden of risk, creating a safety net for you and your employees in case an accident ever occurs.


Also called “business liability” or “commercial general liability,” general liability insurance can protect small companies like yours from having to pay for two kinds of insurance claims—bodily injury and property damage claims. General liability insurance is a must have for lawn care businesses.
Bodily injury claims, like the name implies, can occur when someone (not you or an employee) is injured during or as a result of your business operation. Similarly, property damage claims can occur when someone’s property is damaged during or as a result of your business operation.
General liability claims are pretty common in today’s world—with 4 in 10 small businesses expected to face at least one in the next year, according to a recent Hartford study. General liability claims can also be expensive. Lawn care insurance can mitigate the cost you might be required to pay if a general liability claim is ever sent your way.


The amount you pay for insurance will vary depending on your provider and the amount of coverage they give. At Insurance Canopy, for example, the base price for lawn care insurance is $465 per year for a $2 million yearly aggregate.
For lawn care companies, the number of employees under your hire can also influence the price of your insurance. At Insurance Canopy, the base price covers up to three employees, including the owner. For four employees, the price increases to $608 per year, and for five employees, the price increases again to $740 per year.
The price per employee and the amount of coverage you receive from other providers may vary, so always check to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.


As a lawn care professional, you know that a well-trimmed lawn is almost always worth the cost. Make sure your lawn care business receives the care it needs by covering it with comprehensive insurance. Insurance Canopy offers the best in lawn care insurance at an affordable rate so you can get the protection your small business needs without causing any additional financial stress.
In just ten minutes, you can get an accurate quote according to your business’ requirements and provide yourself with peace of mind knowing you can get the help you need when you need it most.

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