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9 Habits to Boost Your Window Cleaning Business

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Being a window cleaner requires long days and lots of hustle to keep things going. While there are several things you can do to market a window cleaning business, today we’ll focus on the nine professional habits you can implement to improve your business. Make these good work cleaning habits a part of your window cleaning business plan, and be consistent so you can see the results you desire.

1. Always Be Punctual

One of the easiest ways to show your customers you’re professional is to always show up to your appointments on time. If something comes up and you’re unable to arrive at your appointment on time, make sure you notify your customers so they can plan accordingly. This is important to do even if you’re just a few minutes late or need to reschedule for another day. Being punctual shows you’re a professional who values and respects your customers’ time.

2. Accept Responsibility

Should anything go wrong while on the job, admitting mistakes and accepting responsibility are professional actions to take. If one of your employees accidentally breaks a window while cleaning it, offer to replace the window. If your equipment damages your client’s property, you should also offer to fix any damage. Window cleaners are often at risk of facing liabilities because of the nature of their work, so make sure you’re guided on the common insurance claims in the cleaning industry to employ risk mitigation techniques. 

No need to worry too much, because this is where our next tip will come in handy.

3. Make Sure You’re Bonded & Insured

Do you need window cleaning insurance? The short answer is yes! Because you never plan on accidents happening, you may not consider window cleaning insurance an essential component of your business. However, having insurance makes it so you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket for a liability claim. You can do what you love with peace of mind knowing you’re insured.

If you already have insurance, ensure it’s up-to-date and has the coverage you need. You wouldn’t want to go with a gap in coverage in case an accident happens. If you need to purchase insurance, Insurance Canopy offers window cleaning insurance at an affordable price of $26.67 per month. 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re bonded. At Insurance Canopy, you have the option to purchase a janitorial bond after you have purchased a general liability policy. You can do this directly after purchasing a policy, or you can log on to your dashboard at any time to purchase a bond. Our bonds start at $134 per year and provide the coverage you need.

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4. Communicate Effectively

Train all your employees to communicate well with your customers. Your employees need to understand your customers’ needs so they can fulfill their services. Your customers are paying you—the professional—to professionally clean their windows, and they expect a job well done. So don’t be afraid to ask your clients questions! Find out how they want their windows cleaned, or if they have a particular area of concern they want you to focus on.

Another way to effectively communicate with your customers is by sending them a reminder text or email the day before their appointment. This can help avoid last-minute cancellations, which can lead to frustration on your end. To ensure you’re getting the right people for your team, here are some tips on how to find and keep great staff for your cleaning business.

5. Encourage Feedback

Feedback is a valuable good work cleaning habit for continuous improvement. Actively ask clients to share their thoughts on your services. This not only shows your dedication to customer satisfaction but also gives insights for refinement. Embrace both positive and constructive feedback, using it to enhance your window cleaning services.

Create a streamlined feedback process with follow-up emails, surveys, or direct conversations. Make it clear that you value their input. Incorporating client feedback not only improves service quality but also builds strong relationships for repeat business and positive referrals.

6. Manage Your Time

Effective time management is crucial for a successful window cleaning business. Plan your schedule meticulously, considering client needs. Prioritize tasks based on deadlines and urgency, ensuring you meet or exceed customer expectations.

Consistent on-time service builds trust and a positive business reputation. So make sure to avoid delays and manage your time effectively as this not only satisfies existing clients but also opens doors for new opportunities. Clients appreciate reliability, and effective time management demonstrates professionalism in the window cleaning industry.

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7. Stay Organized

Adopt a systematic approach to equipment, scheduling, and client details. Efficient organizational systems minimize errors, creating a smooth operation. Additionally, this enhances professionalism and customer satisfaction. Organizing equipment ensures you have the right tools and cleaning supplies, while a well-organized client record facilitates personalized service. Overall, your commitment to staying organized is an investment in the long-term success of your window cleaning business.

8. Identify Problems and Create Solutions

A proactive problem-solving approach is an essential professional cleaning habit in the window cleaning business. Regularly pinpoint challenges in operations, whether related to equipment, scheduling, or client communication. Swiftly addressing issues allows you to develop effective solutions, preventing minor hiccups from becoming major problems.

For example, if delays become a pattern in your schedule, assess the root causes and implement strategies to improve time management, such as software programs for cleaning businesses. Similarly, if specific equipment poses recurring issues, consider maintenance or upgrades for consistent functionality. Addressing problems promptly showcases adaptability and commitment to excellence in window cleaning services.

9. Be Kind

Last but not the least, be kind. In the service industry, including window cleaning, kindness is powerful. Interact positively with clients and team members to create a pleasant work environment. Your demeanor reflects on your personal character and shapes the perception of your business. Clients are more likely to return and recommend your services if they have a positive experience.

Kindness fosters strong relationships, both with clients and within your team. A positive work environment contributes to higher employee morale, impacting service quality. Prioritizing kindness contributes to customer loyalty and satisfaction, playing a crucial role in the growth and success of your window cleaning business.

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FAQs About Window Cleaning Insurance

Window cleaners obtain insurance to safeguard their business from accidents, property damage, or injuries during services. It offers financial coverage and protects against liabilities.

While requirements vary, clients or contracts may request insurance. Even if not mandatory, having insurance is a wise choice for risk mitigation.

Essential window cleaning insurance includes general liability for accidents and property damage. Additional coverage may involve commercial property policy, workers’ compensation, and business interruption insurance for comprehensive protection.

The process varies; however, at Insurance Canopy, we offer a quick online application. Window cleaners can secure coverage in as little as 10 minutes for immediate peace of mind!

Initiate the claims process by contacting your insurance provider promptly. Dedicated claims departments with specialists will guide you through the necessary steps. Here’s more information on how to file a claim at Insurance Canopy.

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Elevate with Expert Habits, Secure with Comprehensive Coverage

Implement these 9 professional cleaning habits consistently with your window cleaning business, and your customers will see that you take your business seriously. To strengthen your journey, don’t underestimate the value of comprehensive insurance coverage. Enhance your business today by incorporating these practices and secure your success by completing your window cleaning insurance online application to get a quote today.

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