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Josh posing with some of his clients in the gym he trains them at.

Lifted to New Heights

Joshua Shepherd lifts more than weights, he lifts spirits and his community. Overcoming his own battles with mental health, fitness, and disordered eating, Josh is a beacon of light in

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A shot of the costumes and shoes ballerinas wear in class.

Choreographing With Kindness

As a lifelong dancer, Jessica Burkholder is passionate, experienced, and patient. If she’s not dancing in the kitchen with her kids, she’s preparing lessons for the kids she teaches in

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Ram Seetharam is in a pickle costume as he poses for a funny photo withe some pickleball students on an indoor court.

Sharing The Court

This former pro-tennis player is a well-known and beloved coach in Central Florida. Ram Seetharam is passionate about tennis and pickleball, and hopes to teach as many students as he

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