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The Four Best Reasons To Get Cleaning Business Insurance

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.3 million jobs in the cleaning sector as of 2016. The industry is only expected to continue growing with projections at 10 percent growth between 2016 and 2026.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that many business owners, like yourself, have jumped into the cleaning industry—and good thing too, as there will always be spaces to clean (big and small). However, the cost of running and building your cleaning business can add up pretty quickly, and if in your business operations you cause damage or injure someone, you could face something even more expensive: a lawsuit.

With the help of cleaning business insurance, you can protect your investment and prevent starting back at square one.

If you’re not sure why you should purchase cleaning business insurance, let us break down the four best reasons to do just that.

1. It’s Cheaper Than A Lawsuit

Did you know the national average cost for an attorney is $225 per hour? This can vary depending on the lawyer’s experience and the complexity of the case. If you were sued, you’d have no other choice but to hire one.

Let’s say you are cleaning your client’s beach house while they’re present and they trip over your cleaning supplies. As a result, your client is injured to the point they need a cast on their leg. Because of your negligence, they take you to court for causing the incident and to make you pay for their expensive medical bills.

If the scare of possibly going to court isn’t enough to make you purchase cleaning business insurance, just think of every little thing you’ll have to pay for if you aren’t covered.

On top of paying for a lawyer, you could also have to pay for…

  • Additional court fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Travel expenses

More importantly, loss of time and income because you’ll be at court instead of working and earning money.

2. Cleaning Business Insurance Can Boost Professionalism

With the help of cleaning business insurance, you’ll show your current and potential clients that you take your business seriously. Not only does coverage help with boosting your professionalism, but it lets your clients know you’re proactive.

“But how would I be able to show I’m being proactive?”

Insurance by Canopy Insurance badge

When you’re insured with us, you have access to our digital insurance badge. When you buy a policy you’ll receive our badge in HTML and be able to put it on your website where you see fit. When clients visit your site to book appointments or learn more about your services, they can see the insurance badge.

And, as a bonus, you’ll have 24/7 access to your insurance documents making it easier than ever to present proof of insurance. [a]

3. Buying Cleaning Business Insurance Doesn’t Take Much Time

You might be thinking that getting cleaning business insurance is a time-consuming process.

However, unlike other insurance companies that want you to wait around for a quote, with us, you can purchase cleaning business insurance completely online.

Our online application offers you the convenience to fill out paperwork from the comfort of your own home and on your own time. In a matter of minutes, we can insure your cleaning business with coverages like general liability which would respond to personal injury and medical expense coverage which could cover a portion of your client’s me dical expenses.

4. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Whether you took money out of your savings or received a loan, spending money on a business isn’t cheap. Plus, your business is susceptible to incidents (no matter how careful you are) and having to deal with those could be pricey.

With cleaning business insurance, you can have peace of mind that your business and investment is safe. If you’re out of luck and get sued, you can rest assured that your policy may respond to the third-party claim.

Cleaning supplies

In Conclusion

As you can see, cleaning business insurance is a valuable business asset that is easy to get. Our policies are structured to respond to the various risks you face as a cleaning business owner. Your business deserves the proper protection, and you certainly deserve peace of mind, so don’t delay and purchase your own policy completely online today!

What do you think about cleaning business insurance now? Let us know in the comments! 

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