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The Untold Benefits Of Window Cleaning Insurance

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Every property has windows. It’s one of the first aspects you notice when looking at a home. The time and effort you put in to make those windows look spotless won’t go unnoticed. Many homeowners can’t give their windows the attention they deserve. We get it. There are so many priorities around the home and office it’s hard to take care of everything. Besides, windows often are more difficult for the average person to clean. That’s where your window cleaning business comes in! There’s a huge opportunity for your business to gain a massive amount of clients. Everyone likes to have a home that is neat and tidy. Window cleaning is no different!

While you’re focused on delivering crystal clear service to your clients, have you thought about what you can do to protect your assets? Window cleaning insurance can help you confidently manage your business and help you focus on what matters most. Let us explain how it works below.

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What does window cleaning insurance cover?

Window cleaning insurance can cover a variety of things.

When you’re looking for coverage, your research may lead to look for coverage that offers general liability. That’s a really good start! General liability is designed to respond to bodily injury and property damage claims you are legally liable for. What does that mean?

You could have high hopes for a great day ahead. There’s nothing like an early morning window cleaning appointment to start off your day. Though, you didn’t expect to see a full house! Little kids are running around and the client has an array of activities set up.

Without a second thought, you start setting up and get to work. Since you are so focused on your work, time has gone by quick and you are on your last set of windows. One of your client’s kids gets a little too close to your workspace and takes a fall. Fortunately, it is not anything serious. A cracked wrist won’t take too much time to heal. The situation gets worse when your clients sue you for their medical bills.

Putting your business on hold to handle legal action can be scary.

What’s next?

However, with window cleaning insurance, you don’t have to do it alone. Protected by insurance, your business gets a financial safety net and gives you the chance to stay afloat. Legal expenses can range in the thousands. That can be tough for a business to handle.

While general liability coverage gives you a lot to work with, window cleaning insurance from Canopy also includes a wide range of coverages, such as:

  • Products completed operations coverage
  • Personal & advertising injury
  • Damage to premises rented to you
  • Medical expense coverage

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How does window cleaning insurance work for me?

Stand out from competitors

Depending on where you live, your business could be competing with several window cleaning companies in the area. Delivering exceptional service and boosting your marketing efforts are some of the ways you can stand out.

Well, guess what? Chances are those companies are doing similar things to stand out as well.

By carrying insurance, you give your company an extra competitive edge against other businesses. We offer our insurance badge that can be showcased on websites, business cards, and more.

When customers are comparing businesses, they can see that yours is covered by insurance while the other is not. In turn, carrying insurance could help you stand out from competitors.

Increase and maintain clientele

A goal for every window cleaning business owner is to gain clientele. Filling up your appointment book is a great goal to have. Without clients, you wouldn’t be able to build up the business of your dreams. Clients want to work with someone they can trust.

Imagine if you set down your window cleaning supplies and your client trips over it. Your heart sinks knowing that this situation could have been prevented if you were more careful. Luckily the injury isn’t very serious. However, your client receives an expensive bill and wants you to cover it. While you’re not surprised, it makes sense and you comply.

Canopy offers medical expense coverage and gives you a limit of $5,000. By paying your client’s medical expense, you pay the bill and maintain a positive relationship with your client. With window cleaning insurance, it can help you build trust with your clients and even retain them.

Handle growth opportunities

Whether it is gaining new clients or surpassing your revenue goal expectations, positive growth for your business is fantastic. Have you thought about hiring new employees to take on the workload with you? If you’re ready to hire people to your company now or want to wait a while, Canopy is here to grow with you.

Window cleaning coverage from Canopy can cover part-time and full-time employees. You don’t want to turn away new opportunities because your insurance policy can’t handle it.

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How Canopy Can Serve You

As you can see, Canopy can play a significant role in your business and grow with you. From building trust to your clients to standing out from the competition, there’s a lot we can do to serve you. More importantly, you want your business to be in good hands!

We understand that your time is valuable. No one wants to spend any extra time trying to navigate through a complicated insurance process. That’s why we made it simple! Our online insurance form makes it fast and convenient.

All you need to do is fill out the necessary information and choose your payment option. There is currently a monthly option and an annual option. After checkout, you will receive your digital insurance documents and have access to your dashboard.

If you need to update your policy or file any claims, you can do so in your dashboard. Super easy! Our licensed agents can answer any questions that may arise via phone or email.

The Wrap Up

We hope this information was helpful to you!

Window cleaning insurance is more than your financial safety net. By getting coverage, you stand out from competitors, build trust, and gain clients. Insurance can help with growing your business. More importantly, it can help you protect it. Time, money, and hard work has gone into making your business work. Don’t let risks get you down. Accidents are possible. Proactive business owners can confidently manage their operations knowing that insurance has them covered.


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