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Wedding Music Band Insurance: Coverage That’ll Make You Say “I Do”

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Last Updated: 6/14/2024

There’s nothing better than having your band’s services in high demand during the peak wedding season. Before booking any dates, however, make sure that you’re prepared with band liability insurance.

Right about now you might be wondering: I’m just playing a wedding, why do I need insurance? Keep reading to see the top reasons to invest in wedding musician insurance and the risks (and expensive claims) it can protect you from.

Why Do Wedding Music Bands Need Insurance?

There are two main reasons to purchase musician insurance before performing at a wedding:

  • To meet wedding venue requirements
  • For financial protection from common risks

Below we talk about the insurance you need to buy as a wedding musician and the risks you may encounter. You’ll see why having insurance in place can be a career-saver!

Wedding Venue Insurance Requirements

Many wedding venues ask bands and musicians to show proof of insurance and add them as an additional insured. The same goes for wedding planners hiring wedding bands and musicians.

Here are the most common wedding venue requirements you’ll run into:

  • General liability insurance: Defends against third-party property damage or medical claims.
  • Additional insured: These are people or companies you can add to your insurance policy, like venues or wedding organizers. They will have the same coverage as you if someone makes a claim against them arising from your work at the wedding.

With Insurance Canopy, you can get an instant quote for band insurance and check out in under 10 minutes. You’ll have instant access to the proof of insurance needed to meet venue requirements. You can add the venue as an additional insured when you check out, or later from your dashboard.

Keep yourself in the good graces of wedding planners — come to the table prepared with insurance. This presents you as a professional and reliable option and can give you a leg up on the competition.

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Common Risks Wedding Musicians and Bands Face

Any event where you perform carries risks — a wedding is no different. There are a number of things that could go wrong, and if they do, a lawsuit might not be far behind. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Uncle Larry goes a bit too hard on the dance floor, moonwalks into a speaker, and gets knocked out cold.
  • You accidentally rip the wall of a tent owned by the venue while setting up your equipment.
  • The bride trips over one of your cords as she’s walking down the aisle.
  • The couple says they sent you a playlist, but you didn’t play the music they wanted. Now they’re upset and say you ruined their wedding.

Any of these scenarios could result in a suit against you. If that happens, you could be responsible for thousands — or even tens of thousands — of dollars in damages and legal fees.

What’s Included in Wedding Music Band Insurance From Insurance Canopy

Don’t run the risk of allowing your music career to be sunk due to one mishap. Even if you’re only performing at one wedding this year, insurance is a must.

With policies starting at just $18.50 per month, you can protect yourself from up to $2 million in damages. Plus, with the purchase of an annual policy, you’ll have the option to protect your instruments and gear from theft and damage, too.

Wedding musician coverage from Insurance Canopy is affordable and comprehensive:

  • $2 million general liability ($1 million per occurrence)
  • Instant Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Ability to add additional insureds from your dashboard
  • Event plans from $59/event
  • Annual plans as low as $18.50/month
  • Option to add Gear and Equipment coverage (aka Inland Marine) at a low cost

Get covered in 10 minutes or less, and the peace of mind you need to bring the house down. (Not literally, although you could be covered if you do!)

Only need liability insurance for a one-time event? Our musician event insurance covers you for 1-3 days starting at $59/event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Wedding Band Liability Insurance

A band of four people including a bassist, singer, guitarist, and drummer play music in a small venue.

What is Public Musicians Liability Insurance?

Public musicians liability insurance is an older term for general liability insurance. It’s a policy that shields you from the cost of claims related to third-party, slip-and-fall, or property damage accidents.

Does Liability Insurance Cover My Instruments and Gear at Weddings?

No. Liability insurance won’t cover damage or theft of your instruments and gear at weddings. But you can add equipment and gear coverage (aka inland marine) to your annual liability policy at a low cost to get additional coverage for your instruments and equipment.

I’m A Wedding DJ. Should I Get Insurance for Weddings?

Absolutely! Risks can occur anywhere for any performer, including wedding DJs. Here are a few examples of claims these performers can face during a wedding gig:

  • Someone trips over your speakers and cuts their forehead. They sue for their medical fees.
  • Your gear gets damaged as a result of a car accident on your way to a wedding.
  • Your fog machines cause condensation on the venue’s windows, leaving visible streaks. The venue files a property damage claim against you.

Do I Have to Get Separate Policies for Each Wedding Venue?

It depends — If you have an annual plan, you’re covered anywhere you perform. If you don’t carry coverage year-round, you’ll need a new event policy each time you perform at a wedding.

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