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What Makes a Great Commercial Cleaning Company

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If you’re in the cleaning business industry, you likely love maintaining a clean space and keeping customers happy. Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal; there are a few things that set good cleaning companies apart from great ones.

At Insurance Canopy, we not only provide cleaning business insurance, but we want your company to succeed. Today we’ll talk about what makes a great commercial cleaning company.


Knowledge and expertise in the cleaning industry are everything. Each cleaner needs to know the chemical properties of the cleaning products so they know when to use which products. Not all chemicals are safe on all surfaces, so having this knowledge can help avoid accidents or damage to a customer’s property.

Not only should each commercial cleaner know everything about the cleaning products they’re using, but they should also know proper cleaning techniques in order to get things clean and to stay clean for as long as possible. It’s important to do it the proper way, instead of the convenient or quick way. Along with this comes knowing how to clean certain buildings. For example, cleaning a bank will be different from cleaning an office. Perhaps your company chooses to focus on one type of building, if not, it’s smart to learn how to clean all types of buildings.

Attending cleaning trade shows can help you keep up with industry trends, learn from industry leaders, network with fellow commercial cleaning professionals, and learn more about the cleaning industry.


Being professional is a standard for anyone who owns a business. No one will want to do business with you if you don’t show up on time, don’t clean well, or don’t have professional manners. Customers are looking for a cleaning service they can rely on.

Professionalism also has to do with any licenses and certifications a business may have. For example, a commercial cleaning company may have ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). This will set you apart from other cleaning companies as you affiliate your company with professional organizations and associations. Being a part of these associations will help your company ensure that it is up to date with the latest industry standards and developments.


Part of being a professional cleaning company also means that all of your employees are trustworthy and can keep client information confidential. Your clients should be able to instill full confidence in your staff that they will be trustworthy and honest when cleaning their space, and keep any sensitive information confidential.


If you’re a well-established company or you’re just starting out, being organized will get you a long way. Having to manage the schedule of all your customers’ appointments, staffing, taking care of finances, and more are just a few of the important items that will need to be organized. Maintaining an organized company will also help your company to be professional, and your customers will see that.

Your commercial cleaning company should be organized in its demeanor and the items and products that you use in your demonstrations. Organization can instill confidence in your potential and current customers as they continue to work with your company.

Insured and Bonded

A great commercial cleaning company will have cleaning business insurance and bonding. As a trained and professional cleaner, you do all you can do to avoid accidents. However, accidents can still occur, and when they do, you’ll be grateful to have an insurance policy in place. Insurance provides a financial safety net for your company, so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Insurance Canopy provides janitorial insurance at the affordable price of $26.67 per month. We also provide insurance for other cleaning professionals, such as carpet cleaners, house cleaners, maids, and window cleaners. You can fill out an online application in less than 10 minutes to receive instant coverage.

We also offer janitorial surety bonds that can be added to your policy after you have purchased a cleaning business policy. We offer two bond options—the first bond starts at $134 per year and is for a $5,000 bond. The second bond starts at $181 per year and is for a $10,000 bond. You can log on to your dashboard at any time and add a bond to your policy. Contact our licensed insurance agents with any questions you may have.

Work With Confidence

Follow the above tips—expand your knowledge, be professional and organized, and purchase insurance—and your commercial cleaning business will grow. With hard work and dedication, you will see the results you desire.

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