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What You Need to Know About Balloon Art Insurance

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As a balloon artist, you would never show up to an event without the necessary supplies, like balloons and other props, so why would you put yourself at risk and without balloon art insurance? Being a balloon artist requires a lot of work to book events and setting up booth space —you wouldn’t want to jeopardize what you’ve worked so hard for.

At Insurance Canopy, we offer professional insurance for a variety of entertainers professions, balloon artists being one of them. We want you to succeed with your passion, and part of that is making sure you’re insured. Today we’ll walk you through what an entertainer insurance policy looks like for a balloon artist, and how you can get insured.

What is Balloon Art Insurance?

Balloon art insurance can provide coverage for a myriad of things—from slip and fall accidents and lawsuits, to the ability to add additional insureds, and more. Balloon art insurance covers claims that may arise from your performance or balloon artist operations during a party or event.

For example, if a child is harmed during the making of your balloon art, you can be held liable for any medical bills. If someone is running at an event and trips over your equipment, balloon art insurance could help cover the costs of this claim as well. If you don’t have insurance, you could end up having to pay hefty legal fees or medical bills out of your own pocket.

How Can Balloon Art Insurance Benefit Me?

There are several reasons why before making any balloon art at an event or party you should make sure you have purchased a balloon art insurance policy. First and foremost, insurance provides a financial safety net should an accident occur. Another added benefit of having insurance is being able to add additional insureds.

Most venues that you work at will request you to add them to your policy as an additional insured. This means that a person or organization (not an employee or a friend) can be added to your insurance policy with an endorsement. Your policy may protect the additional insured from claims arising out of your negligence from your balloon art operations.

How Can You Purchase Insurance?

For 1–3 day events, Insurance Canopy offers balloon art insurance for the affordable price of $59. This policy is perfect for shows, parties, corporate events, and more. If you’re planning on doing balloon art all year, we offer an annual policy for $199 per year. With Insurance Canopy, you can also purchase an unlimited amount of additional insureds for just $5.

Instead of requesting a quote, you can simply fill out an online application that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Once you have filled out your application, you receive instant coverage and access to your insurance documents and online dashboard. If you have any questions about the policy or the coverage, feel free to reach out to our licensed insurance agents today.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of benefits that Insurance Canopy offers:

  • Our easy, online application process takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • 24/7 access to your insurance policy with your online user account
  • Filing a claim is quick and easy
  • Make changes to your policy at any time on your dashboard
  • You receive instant access to your insurance documents
  • Our base policy is affordable, starting at just $59/event
  • Customizable policy options (endorsements) to fit your business needs
  • You receive a proof of insurance badge to show your clients you’re insured

We hope this article was helpful in understanding why balloon art insurance is a smart investment for yourself and your business. Purchase a policy today so your business can have the coverage it needs. We wish you the best of luck in all your balloon art endeavors!

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