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What’s Included in Clown Insurance?

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Clown insurance is an important component of your business and is designed to protect your financial assets if you were to be sued as a result of your business operations. You could be held liable for claims that include injuries, illnesses, or damages that come from your entertainment services. The legal costs alone from claims like these can be financially devastating. With clown insurance, you’ll have the protection you need in case something goes wrong or someone files a lawsuit against you.

Today we’ll talk about what’s covered in a clown insurance policy and how you can get the coverage you need.

Why Clown Insurance?

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing clown insurance. Liability insurance can help you be seen as a serious professional, which can help you find more events to perform at. Clients may also require you to show proof of insurance before hiring you and venue owners may require you to add them as an additional insured. Insurance also provides a financial safety net so you can perform and do what you love with peace of mind.

The Basic Coverages

A basic 1–3 day general liability insurance policy starts at $59. An annual policy starts at $199. The annual policy has monthly payments available after a 25% down payment, or you can pay $16.58 monthly. Clown liability insurance covers claims that may arise from your operations. For example, if a party patron injures themselves by tripping over your equipment or you damage a venue, clown liability insurance could help cover the costs of these claims.

Read on to learn the details of what is covered in a clown insurance policy.

General Liability

$2M Aggregate

General liability insurance can protect your business from the cost of third-party bodily injury and property damage claims—for example, a client trips on your business equipment and injures themselves. It also protects against the cost of copyright infringement claims, personal and advertising injury claims, and more.

Damage to Rented Premises

$300,000 Aggregate

This coverage can protect your business from the cost of claims arising from damages done to rented spaces, like a studio or event booth. It’s common for property owners and event organizers to require businesses to list them as additional insureds on a policy before renting a space. Insurance Canopy provides unlimited additional insureds free of charge.

Professional Liability

$200,000 Aggregate

Professional liability insurance can protect your business from the cost negligence claims that arise from professional errors and omissions, like giving bad instruction or failing to provide necessary information on a subject. If you teach classes or run demonstrations as part of your business, we strongly recommend this additional coverage option.

Equipment Coverage

$2,000 or $5,000 Aggregate

Also known as inland marine insurance, clown equipment coverage can protect your business from the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen business equipment. Our policy can protect against claims that occur at home, on a job and anywhere in between. Insurance Canopy offers multiple coverage options for equipment insurance based on your business needs. You can pay an additional $3.33 per month for $2,000 protection or $5 for $5,000 aggregate limit.

Cyber Liability

$100,000 Aggregate

Cyber liability insurance protects your business from the cost of first- and third-party claims that arise from a cyber security breach within your business. Cyber crime has become a common threat for businesses both big and small. If you collect or store business information online on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, we highly suggest including this additional protection to your policy. You can receive cyber liability coverage for an additional $8.25 per month, or $99 per year.

Get Clown Insurance Today

You can purchase clown insurance from Insurance Canopy for $16.58 a month or $199 per year; you can purchase either policy depending on your business operations. Fill out an application online in less than 10 minutes and receive instant coverage. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our licensed insurance agents today. Best of luck with your clown business!

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