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Why You Need Cleaning Business Insurance

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In 2015, the US cleaning industry consisted of approximately 875,000 businesses employing about 3.5 million people. That’s a lot of businesses and a lot of opportunities for something to potentially go wrong. Cleaning business insurance may help in the event of an accident or if you find your business in the middle of a lawsuit. In this post, we’ll break down what kind of cleaning businesses need insurance and why they need it.

Types of Cleaning Business Insurance
Janitorial Insurance

Janitorial businesses are typically responsible for cleaning offices or commercial buildings. This means that they may be cleaning around some expensive stuff. What would your business do if one of your employees knocked an expensive painting off the wall or a computer off a desk? Since you could be held liable to pay for those damages it’s important to have janitorial insurance.

What if one of your employees is accused of causing damage in a client’s office but your employee is innocent? In the event that the client demands you pay and takes you to court, legal expenses can add up even if you are found innocent.

Maid Insurance

Maids are often in a client’s residence, cleaning in their personal space. If a maid were to damage the inside of a home, then your company may be on the hook for paying whatever was broken. If the case against you goes to court and you need to pay an attorney, those fees can really add up, especially with most defense attorneys charging between $150-$500 per hour. This could be an astronomical fee for a small, family maid business.

By purchasing maid insurance, you give your business a fighting chance against big lawsuits.

Window Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning windows makes a great summer job in some states, and an even better year-round job in others. Since the houses or buildings with the most windows usually have multiple stories, cleaning may require the use of ladders to reach the higher ones. If you or your ladder goes through a window, you will most likely be liable to pay for the damage. You may also be liable if some of the cleaning chemicals you use damage the tinting on the windows.

If your client takes you to court, you will need resources to defend yourself. That’s where window cleaning insurance becomes so valuable. The general liability coverage in your insurance policy has $1,000,000 occurrence limit. That’s a lot of money that may help with whatever legal costs you incur, as well as any damages you are responsible for paying.

Carpet Cleaning Insurance

A homeowner with carpets should have professionally cleanings at least quarterly. That’s a lot of potential clients and carpets to clean. As you’re cleaning clients’ carpets, things could go awry.


Most carpet cleaning uses steam or some sort of liquid to clean the fibers. What if, during your operations, you spilled a cleaning solution on a tile or wood floor, making it slippery? You could be held liable if your client walked on the spill, slipped, and injured themselves. If the client decided to sue you, then you would face many legal fees. Furthermore, if the client broke something because of the fall and needed surgery, you would have to pay their medical bills and any damage caused by potential lost wages. Carpet cleaning insurance offers you protection and peace of mind.


No matter what or where you’re cleaning, insurance is essential to safeguard your business. Let us help you find the right policy for your business. Contact us today to purchase comprehensive and affordable coverage.

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