Certificate of Insurance for DJs

Learn about your DJ Certificate of Insurance and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is A Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document that proves that an insurance carrier insures your business. A DJ Certificate of Insurance lists your insurance coverages and limits. It also provides contact information for the insurance company your business is insured under. For DJs, this would be the contact information for Insurance Canopy. 

DJ recording new music at home studio

Why Would DJs Need A Certificate of Insurance?

You would need a COI in the event that a vendor, event organizer, venue, or landlord asks you for proof of insurance. They would typically ask for your business’s COI before they book you for an event or right after you are booked for an event. 

You would need a DJ insurance certificate because playing without one can lead to some risks. Risks can include

  • Not booking a gig.
  • Your business being fined for property damages.
  • Your business being held liable for any injuries that happen while performing. 
  • Your business experiencing financial strain if you are liable for claims. 
  • Your business facing legal penalties if you operate without a Certificate of Insurance

Where Can I Download My DJ Liability Insurance Certificate?

Downloading your DJ insurance certificate is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps. 

  1. Log in to your user dashboard.
  2. Click “Download Certificate.”
  3. View your certificate and send it to the parties that need it. 

You can download your COI at any time. You would want to access and download your DJ Certificate of Insurance when booking a gig. The event organizer, venue owner, or landlord of the gig you’re playing may ask for a copy of your certificate before they allow you to play at the event. 

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Can A DJ Add Additional Insured Parties To Their Certificate of Insurance?

Yes. Adding an additional insured to your Certificate of Insurance for DJs is easy and can be done at any time. 

To add an additional insured, simply:

  1. Log in to your user dashboard.
  2. Click “Add an Additional Insured.”
  3. You can download and review your Certificate of Insurance with the additional insureds.

Benefits Of DJ Insurance

DJ insurance can protect your business in a number of ways, giving you peace of mind as you do what you love. 

The benefits of DJ insurance include 

Saving Money

Claims are expensive and could cost your business thousands of dollars. Without insurance, a claim is being paid for directly from your wallet. With insurance, all you need to do is file a claim and let your insurance take care of it.

Booking More Gigs

When you can advertise your DJ business as licensed and insured, you can book more gigs at a wide variety of venues. This can include weddings, concert halls, corporate events, and more. DJ insurance can allow you to be the DJ who is ready to perform. 

Protecting Your Business Reputation

DJ insurance can protect your business reputation by allowing you to add Additional Insureds, promote your business as an insured business, and work through claims quickly and efficiently.

Equipment Coverage

Your equipment is expensive. Give it the protection it needs. Equipment coverage can mitigate or eliminate the costs of accidental damage.

DJ Insurance

Annual Policies Starting at $18.50/ month – With so much going on at parties, concerts, and events, you can’t avoid every possible accident. DJ insurance covers you when those accidents happen. Get covered today!