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Janitorial Surety Bonds




Surety bonds are a promise by a surety company to pay a first party if a second party fails to meet its obligations.
Three parties are involved in a bond:

Get Insured First

In order to purchase a bond, you need to purchase an insurance policy first. Insurance Canopy offers insurance policies starting at $26.67 per month. Once you have purchased cleaning business insurance from Insurance Canopy, you will have the option to purchase a bond, or you can log on to your customer dashboard and add a surety bond to your coverage from the additional benefits section.

Different Bonds Available

We offer two different bond limits to fit your specific business needs. The first bond starts at $134 per year and is for a $5,000 bond. The second bond starts at $181 per year and is for a $10,000 bond. Pick which one will work best for you and your cleaning business.

Work with Peace of Mind

Surety bonds not only allow you to do your job with more peace of mind, but also allow you to get more cleaning contracts. Clients are protected from losses incurred as a result of employee theft committed by employees while engaged in cleaning services. Being bonded gives customers peace of mind because they have chosen a credible cleaning company for all of their cleaning needs.

Janitorial Cleaning Bonds

Starting at $134 per year – Protect your cleaning business with a surety bond. This requires the bond company to pay a set amount of money to your client if you, the business owner, fail to perform a contractual obligation. This helps you compete for contracts by reassuring your clients they will receive the service promised or protected in the event of a theft.

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