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Music Teacher Instrument and Equipment Insurance

Protect the equipment, gear, and instruments you need to perform.  

What Is Music Teacher Instrument and Equipment Insurance?

Music equipment insurance saves you from paying out of pocket for damaged or stolen instruments and other items needed for your teaching career. Also known as Inland Marine coverage, this policy can provide peace of mind so you can keep growing the next generation of virtuosos.

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What Does Instrument and Equipment Insurance Cover?

Musical instrument insurance is an optional add-on coverage to Insurance Canopy’s music teacher insurance policy. It can cover the cost of repair or replacement if your instruments, gear, or teaching materials are damaged or stolen during the course of lessons or transport to a location where you’ll be teaching, like a school, concert hall, student home, etc.

How Much Does Music Instrument Insurance Cost?

You can get equipment insurance for music instructors for $26 a year—that’s just $2.17 a month plus the cost of your annual policy. That’s a small cost to cover some of your most important business assets!

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Why Should Teachers Insure Musical Instruments and Equipment?

Outside of education, your instruments and equipment may be your biggest career investment. If something goes wrong, the cost of repair and replacement can get expensive, fast.

Let’s say you teach people how to play guitars. While you’re driving to the school you teach at, you get in a car accident. You’re fine, but the wreckage destroyed some of your guitars. Music instrument insurance can pay repair or replacement fees, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re not paying for these damages by yourself.

Snapped violin strings

Insurance for music teacher instruments and equipment protects your business when accidents happen.

Examples of covered claims include:

Piano sustains damage from a car accident while traveling to a recital ($500-$5,000)

Violins and other instruments are stolen from a locked vehicle after a lesson ($1,000-$10,000)

Guitar is knocked over and broken during a lesson at a student’s home ($200-$2,000)

Music teacher’s studio catches fire, damaging several instruments ($1,000-$20,000)

Music teacher’s studio catches fire, damaging several instruments ($1,000-$20,000)

Sources: (AI) Claim amounts are estimated based on additional internal knowledge and research. All policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Please read the policy for exact verbiage. Claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar claims do not guarantee coverage.

How To Add Musical Instrument Insurance

Adding equipment insurance for music instructors (aka “Inland Marine”) is as easy as teaching students how to play scales.  

Just add Inland Marine insurance when setting up your annual music teacher insurance policy. Already insured through Insurance Canopy? Add this to your policy in just three steps.

2. Click “Add A Policy”

3. Add Inland Marine insurance and choose your limits.

Add it to your annual policy at any time via your user dashboard. Or, if you’re new to Insurance Canopy, you can add Inland Marine while filling out your musician’s insurance application.

Have Questions About Music Teacher Instrument Insurance? We’re On It.

Your general liability policy does not protect your instruments and other gear. Music equipment insurance ensures your equipment and teaching materials are covered in case of damages or theft, giving peace of mind to you and your wallet.

No, homeowners or renters insurance will usually not protect your business equipment, instruments, and other materials as those items are not personal possessions. Music equipment insurance, or inland marine insurance, can protect your business equipment.

With Insurance Canopy, the cost of instrument insurance for music teachers is not expensive. It costs just $26 per year plus the cost of your general liability music teacher insurance policy.

If you store instruments at a school where you teach and they’re stolen, you should file a police report as soon as possible. If you have music teacher instrument insurance, you can then file a claim to see if your policy will cover the cost of getting them replaced.

Music Teacher Equipment Insurance

Protect Your Instruments — Don’t skip a beat! Insurance Canopy’s music teacher insurance is in tune with your needs. Fill out our 100% online, 10-minute application. Get top-rated coverage starting at $21.08/month and just add Inland Marine (Equipment and Instrument) to your policy.