Tricia Johnson, Copywriter for Insurance Canopy

Tricia Johnson


About Tricia Johnson

Tricia Johnson is a copywriter with Veracity Insurance, contributing to sites like Insurance Canopy, Beauty & Bodywork Insurance, and Pet Care Insurance. Fully trained on each program’s coverages, she writes to help small business owners find their footing in the world of insurance.

Tricia Johnson holds a master’s degree in English Literature from Miami University and a bachelor’s degree in the same from Ball State University, where she graduated summa cum laude.

Before working at Veracity, Tricia created and edited retail fashion, lifestyle, and home goods content for Zulily and wrote wide-ranging SEO copy (everything from budgeting for furniture to getting raccoons out of your chimney) for a digital marketing agency. Tricia has also been a contributor to the Lush Decor blog and a smattering of poetry publications.

Outside of work, Tricia enjoys exploring the science behind art and baking by trying out new photography processes and creating needlessly elaborate desserts. Other pastimes include reading, gaming, volunteering, and adding to her ever-growing art and crafting stash.

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