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Private Tutor Insurance: Why Private Tutors Need Insurance

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Academia isn’t just for the classroom; private tutors know that the best learning can be accomplished even at the kitchen table! Regardless of how you’ve set up your private tutoring business, your profession provides plenty of magical ‘aha’ moments for your students. So let’s provide one for you, answering the question: do private tutors really need insurance? (Don’t worry—we’ve hit the books on the benefits of tutor insurance so you don’t have to.)

Read on to learn more about why tutor insurance can provide every tutor, teacher, or education professional with the safety net they need to conduct their business with peace of mind. 

What is the Importance of Liability Insurance for Private Tutors?

Picture this: You’re a private academic tutor, a master of your craft, sparking curiosity and kindling the fire of knowledge in your students. But then—oops!—during a particularly animated explanation of Newton’s Third Law, you knock over a vase at your student’s home. Or worse, a student claims your tutoring methods didn’t help them ace their finals, and now their parents are blaming you.

Liability coverage provides a protective cover for private educators, granting financial security when unforeseen claims arise. 

What Liability Insurance Policies are Available for Private Tutors?

Private tutor insurance provides a wide range of coverage, with varied policies in place to make sure you’re financially secure in the face of most claims.

General Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is a type of policy that protects private academic tutors from financial loss resulting from claims of injury or damage caused to others by the tutor. For example, if a student gets injured during a tutoring session at your home or you accidentally damage a costly piece of furniture while tutoring at a student’s house, general liability insurance for tutors can cover the medical or repair costs.

Professional Liability Coverage

In the event that a student does not meet their academic goals, this can give cause for the student (or their parents) to allege that you did not fulfill your agreed-upon professional duties—potentially leading to legal action.

It is in this case that professional liability coverage (also known as errors and omissions coverage) would help cover your legal defense costs and any settlements, if found liable. Records of litigation could potentially damage your business’ credibility and affect your livelihood. Private tutor insurance is essential because it shields you from claims of negligence, misrepresentation, violations of good faith, and inaccurate advice. 

Errors & Omissions Coverage

There’s nothing like a little extra credit. Consider Errors & Omissions Coverage an additional buffer against claims regarding any mistakes made on the job. In essence, it provides a robust defense against things tutors may have done that they shouldn’t have (errors) and things they should have done, but perhaps did not (omissions).

Cyber Liability Coverage

As an educator—one that possibly uses video conferencing or e-mail to maintain a consistent line of communication with their students—it’s likely you’re no stranger to tech’s impact on education. Using Tutor marketplaces (such as CheggTutors or Skooli) to connect with mentees can be a fantastic way to connect with students, book lessons, and encourage progress. However, using online tools to store student information (even as mundane as email or Facebook chats) can put private info at risk. In the event this data is leaked, cyber liability coverage can leap into action, covering the costs of data recovery and handling potential claims.

Private tutor in a lesson with computer, notebooks, and writing tools.

Tools and Equipment Coverage

When you start a tutoring business from your home, it’s clear—especially from the OfficeMax and Amazon receipts—that maintaining a thriving private tutoring business can drive up expenses. So, in the event of a rogue coffee spill or a particularly artsy student doodling on your desk with a permanent marker, it’s good to know that you’re covered for repairs and replacements. Inland marine (also known as tools & equipment coverage) can ensure you can get these items back in working shape as soon as possible.  

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Liability Insurance

Do private tutors need insurance? We’ve identified a few criteria to make your search as effortless as possible.

Assess the Specific Needs and Risks of Your Tutoring Business

Jobs that require tutor insurance include:

  • Academic Coaches
  • Tutors for specific tests (ACT, SAT, etc.)
  • Tutors who go to client’s homes
  • Online tutors (including ESL teachers)
  • Teachers who mentor outside of the classroom

If you’re an educator working in a private capacity, your work comes with its own unique risks. To assess what level of coverage you need, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do you teach? Do you travel?
  2. Do you utilize any costly equipment?
  3. Do you collect/store any sensitive data, including client’s names, grades, school names, ages, etc.?

Compare Different Insurance Providers and Their Policies

When comparing different insurance providers, it’s easy to get stuck paying for things you don’t need. Liability insurance for tutors should cater directly to your needs, not just a part of a generic package. A common misconception is that home insurance is enough to cover a tutoring business run out of one’s home. At the same time, this may help to supplement costs if in the event of a break-in (i.e. missing equipment), it most likely will not cover damages to personal equipment while on the job, bodily injury, or data leaks that directly threaten your business. To get the best bang for your buck for private tutor insurance, be sure you’re finding a policy that meets all your needs—not just a few. 

Understand the Policy Limits and Exclusions

Time to read the fine print! Understanding the terms and conditions of your tutoring insurance is crucial, much like knowing the syllabus before you teach a course. It helps you identify the coverage’s scope, including what’s protected and what isn’t. 

Private tutor and student in a lesson looking at paperwork

What are the Benefits of Liability Insurance for Private Tutors?

Protection Against Potential Lawsuits and Legal Expenses

Claims of professional negligence, bodily injury, property damage, tuition disputes, and privacy violation can lead to costly legal battles. Having a policy in place allows for coverage for legal fees, avoiding substantial financial loss.

Peace of Mind for Tutors and Their Clients

Tutors want to see their students succeed—and that means providing a safe, comfortable space for them to learn! Securing private tutor insurance allows you to focus on providing the best instruction possible for your students, while students (and their parents) can feel confident that they’re trusting a professional brand.

What are the Steps to Obtain Private Tutor Insurance?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Getting insured can be as simple as following a few simple steps—so here’s your cheat sheet.

Research Insurance Providers and Request Quotes

Start by identifying insurance providers that offer policies specifically tailored for private tutors. Visit their websites to understand what kind of coverage they provide—and how much their premiums range. Often, these sites will provide a short form where you can provide details about your tutoring services, leading to an estimated quote.

Complete the Application and Underwriting Process

Educators, rejoice—most applications for private tutor insurance can be completed digitally! Full out the application form accurately and completely. After submitting, you’ll enter the underwriting process. This is when the insurer assesses the risk associated with insuring your tutoring business and determines your premium.

Understand the Policy Terms and Conditions

Much like knowing the syllabus before you teach a course, you’ll want to be well aware of the policy terms and conditions. It helps you identify the coverage’s scope, including what is protected and what isn’t, preventing any unwelcome surprises when a claim arises.
Private tutor in lesson with student writing on paper

Commonly Asked Questions About Private Tutor Insurance

You have questions, we have answers!

What is Private Tutor Insurance?

Simply put, liability insurance for tutors is the smart answer. It’s like having all the answers in the back of the book, helping cover everything from accidental injuries to equipment damage. While it’s all too easy to put off, gaining coverage before an incident will provide you the financial shielding you need to feel confident in your business. After all, you’ve worked hard to gain an education worth sharing, so make sure you’re setting up a business model that will last.

Can I Cancel My Policy Anytime?

Of course! Insurance Canopy is here to meet your needs… and sometimes that need is to adjust your current contract. We make your policy easy-to-navigate in a personalized dashboard that allows you to review your billing statements, download proof of insurance, and make any other changes you may need. And, if you need help, you can always contact us! We’re here to guide you through any part of your process (but it really is that easy).

How Much Is Tutor Insurance From Insurance Canopy?

We have one central thesis at Insurance Canopy: reliable insurance should never break the bank. For as low as $21.08 per month, you’ll have a comprehensive package that covers general liability concerns such as bodily injury, property damage, reputational harm, copyright infringement, and advertising injury.

The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to tell us what you need and get instant proof of insurance.

Get Yourself and Your Business Private Tutor Insurance Now

So, to review our pop quiz: do private tutors need insurance? Correct answer: without a doubt.

Accidents happen all the time, even when we’ve done our best to plan ahead. Save yourself the second-guessing and let Insurance Canopy do the math. Secure your private tutor insurance today and continue to see A+’s, all across the board.

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