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3 Ways Personal Trainer Insurance Benefits You

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Doing everything you can to ensure success as a personal trainer can be a daunting task. From creating new workouts and nutrition plans for your clients to maintaining your wellbeing and your business, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing on your mind is probably your insurance. As much as you’d like to not worry about it, whenever you’re doing business you need insurance.

As a personal trainer who gives professional advice, you need personal trainer insurance in your arsenal and today we want to tell you 3 ways you’d greatly benefit from it.


Before you can even begin shelling out fitness and workout advice and working with new clients, you need to provide proof of insurance to the gym you’re employed at. You’ll likely be asked to list the gym or club you train at as an Additional Insured. And, if you’re doing things on your own out of your home gym, then you might have to look even further into the types of insurance you may need.

Personal trainer insurance from Insurance Canopy is designed to protect you against third-party claims that the professional advice you gave or the adjustment you made on an individual caused them injury. As a personal trainer, you can be careful all day long but the truth is that accidents can and do happen. Listing your employer as an Additional Insured simply means that they’re included on your insurance policy and are also insured in the case of a suit. When you get sued, the individual filing the suit will usually name you and anyone else they can who could have been negligent.

In an analysis of negligence lawsuits against personal trainers, lawyers found that you leave yourself open to many risks when you’re a trainer who encourages high-intensity workouts, pushes clients past their threshold, or allows clients to do difficult workouts without the proper supervision. It can be hard to discern between someone’s endurance and their breaking point, so as a personal trainer you must be mindful of how hard your clients are working.


We mentioned that accidents can and do happen at the gym and we’re sure you’ve seen it first-hand. Maybe you’ve experienced some bad spotting and have gotten hurt yourself or maybe you’ve seen far worse happen to other individuals during your sessions.

Here are a couple of examples to really show you how a personal trainer could be liable.

Say you’re working with an older gentleman who wants to increase his weight lifting abilities. Training has been going fine and one day he comes in ready to work hard and you push him to his max. The next day he is sore and in pain which is normal. A few days go by and he ends up at the doctor with a torn muscle that he blames you for. He decides to sue you as a result of being negligent. Personal trainer insurance could help.

Maybe you’ve been training a young woman who just wants to know how to use every machine in the gym. You walk her through them all under supervision but one day decide to walk off when she’s working out. You hear her yell out in pain and she’s rushed to the ER. She sues you for being negligent during her training session. Personal trainer insurance could come in hand.

You can’t always be on the lookout for a worst-case scenario but with a personal trainer insurance policy, if the worst were to occur you’d have the needed backup to support you.


On top of needing insurance to work and knowing the kind of safety net it could be, you need insurance to show your professionalism and dedication to your business. Knowing you’re insured ensures that your clients feel safe during sessions because they’re aware that you keep risk in mind.

Just think of how you likely wouldn’t see a licensed professional in their field, the same goes for your clients. Your clients want to work with someone who is certified to train them and is insured. By carrying personal trainer insurance you show your clients that they can trust you and your professionalism.

Buying personal trainer insurance is easier than ever. Our application is completely online, allowing you to fill out the app, make your purchase, and access your documents easily. Our personal trainer insurance starts at $159 for a year of coverage and we also offer a monthly payment option of $15 a month.

With Insurance Canopy you get top-rated insurance at a competitive price and you don’t want to go uncovered. 

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