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For many, yoga insurance is seen as just another requirement you need to pay for. Between buying equipment, paying for certifications, marketing yourself online, and keeping up with everyday business expenses, getting insured may slip through the cracks.

Did you know there are some incredible benefits you can experience if you get insured with Insurance Canopy? In just a matter of minutes, you can be instantly insured online. There are no membership fees or long quote processes. Just high quality, low-cost insurance for yoga teachers. Here are five benefits of having yoga insurance!

An infographic showing the 5 benefits of yoga insurance, which are protection from accidents, boosted credibility, peace of mind, additional insureds coverage, and meeting teaching requirements. Yoga insurance can be purchased at app.insurancecanopy.com/yoga-teacher-insurance

1. Protection From The Unexpected

Accidents will happen, no matter how much you try to avoid them. Whether someone overstretched during a pose or accidentally broke your equipment, you don’t want to be stuck paying for a liability claim on your own.

2. Boost Your Credibility

When you are insured, your students and facility owners can breathe easier. It shows you take yourself seriously as a yoga instructor and want to protect your business.

3. Peace Of Mind

Having yoga insurance allows you to keep your peace while you teach. You no longer have to worry about what could go wrong during a class or what you would do if something happened to your equipment. Insurance brings peace to your business, just like you bring peace to your class.

4. Add Additional Insureds

Most facilities or events will require to be added to your insurance policy as an additional insured. You can add an unlimited amount of additional insureds to your policy for $30.

5. Meet Teaching Requirements

As a yoga instructor, you will be required by most facilities to show proof of an active insurance policy. If you teach in a studio, take your classes on the road, or practice with students online, you want to have a policy that covers you wherever you decide to teach.

A woman records herself teaching a yoga class from her home, which is a teaching style covered by her yoga insurance.

Insurance For Yoga Teachers

For only $12.50 a month, you can be protected with general liability, professional liability, equipment insurance, and medical expense coverage. We even offer a yearly plan where you can save 14% by paying one upfront payment of $129. Whichever policy you choose, you can confidently check “get yoga instructor insurance” off your to-do list today with Insurance Canopy.

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