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5 Reasons Lawn Care Professionals Need Insurance

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Did you know that it is a smart business decision for lawn care businesses big and small to have lawn care insurance? You might think that because you’re a professional or have years of experience, you don’t need it, or maybe you just don’t want the added expense. However, not having insurance could cost you thousands of dollars.


No doubt you try to be as careful and professional as possible, but even the most cautious professional could make mistakes that will either leave them thankful they have lawn care insurance, or wishing they did.

Here are some examples where lawn care insurance could come in handy: You are mowing a lawn and the mower blade flings a bit of debris that injures someone You accidentally leave the gate of your trailer down and someone bumps into it Someone trips in a hole you dug to fix a sprinkler For all of these incidents, you could be held liable for injuries.


Damage to someone’s property could cost you thousands of dollars. Of course, there is always the risk posed by lawn mowing equipment throwing a projectile and breaking windows or denting cars, but there may be other complications.

Consider the flooding damage that could occur if a repair you did on a sprinkler fails. How about if you were digging and cut an internet or cable line? You could be held legally liable for these and other potential claims.


Lawn care insurance not only protects your business, but it can also increase your credibility with current and potential customers. Many lawn care providers have found that they have won a customer’s business because they took the time to insure their business.

Additionally, you might find that some states and cities will require you to have liability insurance to operate and some clients may also require you to be insured.


You’ve worked hard to get your business going and even harder to keep it running; however, there are some people who want to “get something for nothing.” Many times, this comes in the form of stealing another person’s business property, in this case, your equipment.

A lawn care insurance policy from Insurance Canopy can help protect your business as you travel from one job site to the next. If your equipment were to be stolen while you are at a job site, lawn care insurance can help cover the cost of your equipment.


Legal battles are expensive. What’s worse is that you may not have done anything negligent, but someone may claim you have and you will need to defend yourself.

Lawn care insurance can protect you in the event that you have legal costs stemming from a claim against your business. If you don’t have insurance, you may have to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees on your own.


If you’re ready to get lawn care insurance to protect your business, you’ve come to the right place. Insurance Canopy can get you a quote in just minutes.

All insurance policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions, please refer to the policy for exact coverages.

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