As a personal trainer, you have an active and often exciting job. This job will also give you the chance to get to know all types of people as well as the satisfaction of helping them achieve their fitness goals. That’s not to say that the job doesn’t come without its frustrations, however. Here are 5 things personal trainers hear that are sure to leave them exasperated:

1. “I don’t want to lift—I’m afraid it’ll make me look bulky.”

This one’s generally said by someone you’ve asked to lift with no more than a 5-pound weight. Somehow, we think they don’t need to worry about getting Schwarzenegger arms just yet.

You know that your client doesn’t want to bulk up—you’ve already gone over that when you started working together. That is, of course, why you aren’t giving them exercises that will cause them to bulk up. That won’t stop some clients from blanching at the sight of that 5-pound weight, though.

2. “I’m just trying to lose weight in my thighs, so that’s all I want to work on.”

You’ve likely heard some variation of this and then had to fight off the urge to do a double facepalm.

We don’t get to tell the food we eat which part of our bodies we want to avoid getting cellulite in, and we can’t eliminate the fat cells in one area of the body by… only working out that area of the body.

Female personal trainer works with male client on a rowing machine.

3. “Give me a workout today that won’t make me sweat—I’m going out for drinks later.”

We get it. It’s a hassle to have to get ready again after a good workout. But pay attention to the last two words of that sentence: “good workout.” If you want your money’s worth, you’d better be willing to break a sweat.

This is the problem—asking to not have to break a sweat is asking you not to do your job correctly. On top of that, it’ll prevent your client from meeting his or her goals, which they’ll be worrying about later.

This leads us to a big one…

4. “I have a wedding in two weeks that I need to be ready for.”

Well, you’d better be ready to look about the same as you do now for that wedding. Two weeks of training won’t do much to change that. Do you think Large Hemsworth Brother Number 1 asked his trainers to get him in “Thor” shape just two weeks before they started shooting? Hint: The answer is no.

Unreasonable time frames are inevitably part of every personal trainer’s job at some point. There’s only so much you can do, but some clients’ expectations will always exceed reality.

5. “I just don’t have enough time.”

Whether it be following a fitness plan at home or sticking to a recommended diet, one of the most common excuses out there is that clients just don’t have enough time to do what they’ve been asked to do.

Here’s the thing, though; they almost always have time. It’s just that they choose to dedicate that time to other things. That, in and of itself, isn’t a problem—we all understand that there are tons of things that can take up someone’s time.

The issue arises when the “no time” excuse is coupled with the “where are my results?” question. There’s only so much your training regimen can do if it’s not being fully put into practice.

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